Competitive Team Challenge

Fast paced and entertaining team building challenge to engage and reward remote working teams, as players race around the world together to complete as many fun tasks and activities as possible.

How It Works

Globe Runner is a fun, competitive online team building activity that is designed specifically for remote workers. Players will collaborate with their team members through our online conferencing platform, as our Globe Runner app guides gameplay across a virtual map of the world. Team players must strategically choose which countries to visit throughout the game, carrying out a variety of engaging and interactive individual and team tasks on arrival at their chosen virtual location. With the added element of competition across all teams, points are racked up through completion of the various checkpoints, with winners announced at the end of the game.

Learning Outcomes

Globe Runner is a motivating and rewarding team game that allows remote workers to re-connect in a fun and engaging environment. As the game unfolds, and teams employ their various strategies, players must collaborate to benefit the entire team score. Under the pressure of time, teams find that communicating online is quite different from face-to-face, but that by working together and supporting each other, all things can be achieved. With entertaining, interactive tasks to undertake throughout, and a fun-filled finale with the entire group, Globe Runner is a fantastic, feel-good event for your remote teams to enjoy.

Key Business Benefits

  • Motivational and rewarding
  • Reconnects remote workers
  • Fun, engaging platform
  • Team collaboration
  • Strategy Communication

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