Ultimate Remote Team Building Game

Teams quickly develop effective team dynamics, sharpen communication and collaborative problem solving to save a young man trapped in a spaceship.

How It Works

Your team is a specialist ‘Remote Virtual Hacker Unit’, called in to complete a special secret mission. A young man playing a virtual reality game has been absorbed into the cyberspace world, and is trapped there. Your mission is to go back and forth between the virtual and real worlds, finding clues to release the gamer, and help him return to the real world. Using our online video conferencing tool, coupled with our Remote Infinite Loop platform, one team member at a time will be faced with virtual puzzle challenges, and must describe them to their team members within their online conference breakout room. These teammates must work together to decipher and communicate the solutions, unlocking the doors inside the cyberspace maze, and help the trapped gamer escape.

Learning Outcomes

The Infinite Loop Online has been purposely created to focus on continual improvement and developing team dynamics, while working on remote teams. The more precise the team member facing the locked door can be in describing the challenge and the more efficient team members can be in listening and deciphering what the challenge is against the clue cards, the faster the teams can find the solution. As the game evolves, team’s communication and collaborative problem solving skills improve and they become more efficient as one team. This is a high-level team building product to focus on complex issues affecting businesses and organisations working in remote teams and using agile working.

Key Business Benefits

  • Remote Team Dynamics
  • Shared Fun Experience
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Real Time Communication
  • Uniting Teams

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