Create a digital stop motion animation sequence and become closer as a team in this innovative, communication-driven team building activity.

Stop motion animation is one of the most iconic and easy to execute filmmaking styles. In Animate, participants leverage this classic style to create meaningful, brand-centric stop motion animations from concept and storyboarding through to execution and recording. Success demands excellent time management and communication skills from everyone involved, making this event holistically developmental and invaluable for teams of all shapes and sizes.

How It Works

Animate is an engaging and creative team building activity where individuals are tasked with creating stop motion animations using a unique studio setup and a limited time frame. Initially, attendants are split into teams and given a theme, usually in line with the vision and attitudes of the business.

Key Business Benefits

  • Brand Awareness
  • Energising a conference
  • Managing Change
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Team Dynamics
  • Stimulating Creativity
  • Uniting Teams
  • Visualising The Future

Following this, groups are tasked with developing stop motion animations built around the theme from the ground up. Beginning with storyboarding, participants must collaborate and innovate, creating new takes on the same theme and compiling their thoughts into a complete concept aligned with core business values.

With the storyboard completed, it’s time for filming. Teams enter the animation studio and take the objects they will need, digitally recording them moving incrementally as per the plan. With good attention to detail and effective teamwork, the end result is a rewarding, funny, and often surprisingly impressive video - all created within a strict time frame.

Animate is incredibly rewarding, fun, and motivational, proving that with the right care and focus, creating a high-quality end product is extremely achievable!

Learning Outcomes

Every Team Challenge Company team building activity is designed with specific learning outcomes in mind. It’s our results-driven approach that ensures each of our events are beneficial from both a team bonding and business productivity point of view.

Animate is particularly effective at practising communication, planning, and time management skills whilst simultaneously emphasising core business messages, objectives and values. By being presented in a fun way, the lessons driven in Animate are much more likely to stay relevant over time and make a long-term impact on the participants.

Furthermore, the creative presentation of the challenge promotes innovative thinking and outside-the-box ideas which often make all the difference in business. Developing these soft, intangible skills is where the true value of team building takes shape and Animate is undoubtedly an effective tool.

Team Challenge Company is firmly positioned as a leading UK team building event provider. Through a dedicated and highly experienced team, we help organisations across the country plan and run events and team building days that leave participants engaged, impressed and positive. To discover more about how Animate can help develop and unite your team, get in touch with us today or explore more of our team building event offering and find the perfect choice for you or your organisation.

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