Creative Juices

A fun and fresh interactive business simulation game with an emphasis on marketing and communication,

How It Works

All teams represent divisions of a global smoothie company facing logistical issues, setting up international deliveries and planning ahead under tight deadlines. Over 5 game days teams engage in designing and planning a smoothie range and then sourcing all their ingredients. Once teams have blended and tasted their smoothies they develop a marketing campaign and strategy to sell their product. The teams present their marketing campaigns to the group and then a winning team is announced.

Learning Outcomes

This is a fast and furious business experience that puts networking and communication skills to the test while giving plenty of opportunity for fun. Teams need to work together maintaining a ‘common goal’ approach to managing the project in order for every division to have the correct ingredients at the end of the activity, ensuring that their smoothies are as they market them to be. Teams must also resolve complex distribution issues and demonstrate how together they can reduce their carbon footprint.

Key Business Benefits

  • Reinforces Creative Thinking 
  • Customer Service Focus
  • Promotes Problem Solving 
  • Enhances Networking Skills

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