the Ultimate Game of Process Improvement

Need 4 Speed is a frenetic table based game that actively en-courages participants to review and improve performance..

How It Works

Faced with a mixture of model components, teams must switch into overdrive to assemble a range of ‘snap together’ concept cars in record time. Optimising flow is critical to success as teams are tested to form super efficient assembly lines and take seconds off of successive build times. The pressure is further intensified with the realisation that each car has it's own specific style and bolt on extras. Speed is rewarded but small mistakes can see teams easily slipping down the leader board..

Learning Outcomes

Optimising flow is critical to success as teams are challenged to form efficient assembly lines and take seconds off successive build times.. The focus moves from individual team times to sharing best practice between teams to achieve the best possible aggregate production time.

Key Business Benefits

  • Enhance Strategic Planning 
  • Focus on Time Management 
  • Promote Problem Solving
  • Share Best Practice

0.5 HOUR - 1 HOUR





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