Guide your team to the top of Mount Everest

Forge a path through the foothills, hike up into the Himalayas, and persevere as a team to reach the peak.

In this challenge, you will be using a tablet to traverse a path up the tallest mountain in the world. Following in the footsteps of some of the world’s most famous explorers and climbers, you will be confronted with difficult choices and complex decisions that could mean the difference between life and death for your teammates. How will you distribute your materials? Which path will you choose? How much risk are you willing to take? Who or what will get left behind?

Welcome to Peak Performance.

How It Works

You have twenty days to climb Mount Everest. In that time, you must guide your clients out from the safety of your Nepalese base camp, through the Himalayan foothills, up to the peak of Mount Everest, and then safely back down again. Your goal is to get as many of your team and clients there as possible safely - but be warned. Danger and difficulty lurk at every corner. 

Each team will be issued with a tablet which will be filled with new, key information on each day of the expedition. As you move higher and higher up the mountain, space becomes more limited, and considered, decisive choices will need to be made. 

There will be timed challenges at each stage, such as packing up pop-up tents, stuffing sleeping bags, and completing a blindfold climbing harness challenge. 

Key Business Benefits

  • Customer Service
  • Cross Functional co-operation
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Networking
  • Practical leadership
  • Project planning
  • Strategy Communication
  • Uniting Teams

Teams taking on this challenge will need to consider a wide variety of factors. Everything from fitness levels to the weather, their level of acclimatisation, the safest place to make temporary camp, and just how far they have come. Every decision will have consequences, and every action will result in a reaction.

Once the tasks are complete and the mission is over, the team will be invited to take part in a reflective learning session to consider what they have learned and how they can transfer this across to various real-life situations. This is done for every participant, both collectively and individually.

Rewards and Learning Outcomes

Peak Performance is a gamified and gripping experience. It is based on research that shows the best way to change people’s attitude towards decision making is to put them in an environment where decisions have consequences but where they can be reflected on safely and strategically. 

Research confirms that gamification is a process which accelerates the learning process for all kinds of goals and skills that are essential in the business environment. 

By forcing teams to make decisions in a rapid timeframe, participants need to work together and focus on the best possible outcome of the decision that is made. Pressure in the form of a ticking clock turns general effort into specific action. In addition, the physicality of the experience helps team members shift out of their comfort zone. 

With the need to understand the specific values and benefits that each member of the team can bring to the table, all working towards a single goal, the team learns the value of role specialisation and definition. By valuing and emphasising what each specific participant offers to the broader team, the valuing of each individual member is increased.   

Peak Performance encourages team members to learn how to reflect on decisions made in the past, and better understand how to take those skills forward into the future.


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