Rocket Launch

Rocket Launch is a Team Building event with a difference. You will be building and launching  your very own rocket 600ft into the air! You and your team are employees within a Weapons and Rocket manufacturing plant. The Company is situated in a desert state in America and has 250 employees.

How It Works

40 employees have been made redundant and morale among the workforce is extremely low. You and your team have been given the opportunity to secure the future of this company by re-branding various elements of the business as well as developing a brand new rocket to win a contract that will save the future of your business. You must be flexible enough to move with the market and maximize your output to build, market and launch your very own rocket high into the air. You will compete in a variety of Team Building tasks that will force you to work together in order to claim the highest amount of money on offer. For the teams to successfully secure the contract, they must undertake a number of low risk and high risk activities in order to win money. 

Learning Outcomes

Rocket Launch will provide a day of Experiential Learning that will improve your team's skills both individually and as a team. Their negotiation skills will be tested and the teams will have to come up with a strategy to ensure that the build of their rocket goes smoothly and that they do not lose money on the risk versus rewards challenges. Teams will have to put their skills and strengths forward to take charge of different aspects of the build, design and marketing process whilst solving any problems that may arise along the way. Teams will work together, motivating one another and feel united in creating a successful product together and launching their rocket.

Key Business Benefits

  • Problem Solving
  • Strategy Planning 
  • Communication
  • Experiential Learning 
  • Negotiation Skills 
  • Power of Purchasing
  • Team Identity 
  • Product development 


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