Are you looking for a real live team development experience that will challenge, push and frustrate your teams to ultimately help highlight the exposed strengths and weaknesses within the team? Then Team Challenge Company’s Interactive Business Games are perfect for you, as colleagues will be faced with the ultimate mental test to work together and overcome the challenges set before them.


Our Interactive Business Games are specifically designed to encourage colleagues to work together, influencing behaviour to help drive progress and positively affect the culture of teams with long lasting results. Offering a refreshing take on team building events, we guarantee that your team will be all the better for participating and working together to engage with and overcome the even the most challenging of our Interactive Business Games, which include Beat The Box, Need 4 Speed and Peak Performance, amongst many others.

Taking advantage of the technology that is now available to us, many of our events make use of tablet devices which further enhances your experience. Harnessing this technology, we have created and developed team building events that truly reflect the ever-changing world of work. This can be recognised throughout many of our Interactive Business Games, as real time decision-making skills and team strategy directly impact upon the business simulation built within the game framework, making the team’s ultimate success a reality.

Our events can be tailored to suit any business and are flexible to suit either half or full-day team building days. For more information on our Interactive Business Games, please get in contact with a member of our friendly team.

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