Step into the Time Warp

Compete in our Ice Breaker followed by a series of rotational Team Building Challenges that will be sure to test your teams’ skills to the limit.

How It Works

Has your team got what it takes to Beat the Clock?! Choose one member of your team to become the Time Keeper, responsible for starting the clock when you hear the claxon and then stopping it when you have successfully completed the challenge. Your aim is to complete each challenge as quickly as possible in order to be the team with the least amount of time on your clock once all challenges are complete. Be careful not to incur any time penalties as you go – the Time Lord will be keeping an eye out for any infringement of the rules! 

Learning Outcomes

These sessions provide the perfect mix of learning and challenge, and can be an excellent way to reward group performance whilst helping to improve specific skills such as team spirit, productivity and safety at work. The challenges can be chosen based on the skills your team needs to improve on such as delegation, time management and strategic planning. They will be required to step up to the challenges based on their individual strengths and skills and work as a team to plan the best way to tackle each challenge. 

Key Business Benefits

  • Time Management 
  • Delegation 
  • Perfect Practice 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Execution of Strategy 
  • Team Spirit 
  • Fun & Motivation 

All teams will compete in each of our tricky Team Building challenges in two stages. Stage one of the process involves the planning and refinement of the technique required to complete the challenge.  The team with the most amount of time on their clock will be in last place taking home the Wooden Spoon, while the team with the least amount of time on their clock have beaten the clock and will be presented with the Team Challenge Company Winners’ Trophy! 


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