Welcome to Flight School! You and your team members are new recruits at Top Gun Flight School – your aim is simple, to Graduate from Flight School by designing, building and launching your very own Team Plane.

How It Works

All teams will be presented with various materials in order to design and build launch your plane. All teams will be presented with various materials in order to design, build and launch your plane. These materials must be used in line with the specifications given to ensure that each team’s plane can be launched.  The Teams must take part in various challenges throughout the afternoon, with their performance giving them a valuable ‘Head Start’ on the Runway when launching their plane at the end of the day. These challenges will be focused on Trust and Team Working, ensuring that this theme flows throughout the session. 

Learning Outcomes

With the Winners Trophy presented and final photographs taken, we aim to send your team home with a with a long-lasting buzz and a heightened sense of team morale, having enjoyed a truly unique, rewarding and entertaining experience that will live long in the memory of all in attendance.  Their negotiation skills will be tested and the teams will have to come up with a strategy to ensure that the build of their rocket is smooth and that they do not lose money on the risk versus rewards challenges.

Key Business Benefits

  • Problem Solving
  • Strategy Planning
  • Communication
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Networking
  • Strategy Communication

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