Team Management Systems

TMS is a program which focuses on understanding team skills and working preferences in order to develop individual, team and organisational performance. It involves highlighting levels of existing skill at an individual level and mapping out a means through which such skills can be integrated and utilised cohesively by the team at large.

Team Management Systems

Focusing on team skills and working preferences

TMS recognises the importance of gaining understanding and self awareness through the experiences other team members have of your skills and traits.

Similarly through means of the Risk Orientation Model we can measure the inherent responses of an individual to risk taking and overcoming obstacles through their assessment of risk versus reward situations. This allows teams to achieve balance in the skills and working preferences within their group.

Risk Orientation Model

Gaining understanding and self awareness through the experiences other team members have of your skills and traits.

The TMS approach focuses on identifying and understanding key work elements that prove to be a reliable and valid focus in explaining "why some individuals, teams, and organizations perform, work effectively and achieve their objectives, while others fail to do so."

Team Management Systems offers research-proven assessments that reveal dynamics to enable the development of high-performance in the workplace with short term and long term focuses.

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Our Team are Fully Accredited Facilitors that will take you through the steps of Team Management Systems for visible long term results.

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