3 Important Roles in a Team

Posted: Oct 01 2014

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A team is made up of many roles, but there are a few in particular which help to keep everything in check. This doesn't mean that the other roles are any less important, it simply means that these roles tend to be a bit more prominent. Below we have compiled just 3 important roles in a team and the characteristics behind them.    

The Leader One of the most obvious and notable roles in a team is, of course, the leader. However, this role isn't just about bossing people around and telling them what to do all the time, it's also about providing guidance and helping people to speak up about their ideas, as well as providing support to all team members where possible. It's also about making sure that everyone is on track and that the team is running smoothly. Leaders may also have to deal with conflict from time to time and help workers to resolve their issues and settle their differences by communicating in an impartial manner with either individuals or groups. A leader should set up regular meetings to monitor everyone's progress as well as provide schedules, guidance on work-related issues, and specific tasks when possible. While leaders are often very busy, they should be able to set the time aside for any issues that may arise within the team. The Motivator When people are feeling a little down in the dumps, chances are that the last thing they'll want to do is crack on with work which is why it's always fantastic to have a motivator around to help keep people on-track and working. This doesn't necessarily mean taking over the role of the leader for the day, but rather being the person that brings spirit to the team and encourages team members to work their hardest and try their best during corporate activity days and other activities. In addition, the motivator is often the person that puts these activities into place to help keep everyone become up-beat and ready for the day ahead! They can help to provide advice to members who are struggling to concentrate and will be a constant source of inspiration to their team through their positivity.

The Caretaker The caretaker is often described as the ‘big brother' or ‘big sister' of the team; they are very dedicated to their fellow workers and want to make sure that everyone is feeling well and happy in their job roles. The caretaker is understanding and can sympathise or empathise with different personal and work-related situations and, like the motivator, provide adequate advice where needed and make sure that everyone in the team is satisfied with the work they produce. In addition, the caretaker may also take on the responsibility of acting like an agony aunt for the team and have regular catch ups with team members to check in with how they're feeling and how they think they are progressing within the company, as well as their future goals and desires. All of these team roles are close-knit meaning that they will often converse with each other about overall dedication to the company and team, the motivation levels within the team and any conflict that has arisen over the past week, month or however frequently you have your meetings. If you feel that your team could do with a boost, or even just a day out of the workplace, get in touch with us here at Team Challenge Company today! We have a range of activities which can be tailored to any requirement and what's more, we operate in numerous locations across the UK.

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