3 ways to get your team more involved

Posted: Aug 20 2014

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Encouraging professional relationships and fostering friendly co-operation between employees can be difficult. If you have a few team members that struggle to get involved, or the same people seem to be answering questions put to the team, it may be worth trying out one or two of the suggestions listed below to help give the rest of the team a boost.

Ice-breaker Activities It may be the case that your colleagues don't really know each other well enough to be able to build successful yet professional relationships. As such, ice breaker activities are a fantastic way to get everyone involved in something new and for those that struggle to speak up, it provides them with an opportunity to get to know team members and develop their confidence. In addition, ice-breaker activities can be tailored to meet the needs of your team. For example, if communication is the issue, you can introduce a few activities that will help break down barriers between team members. On the other hand, if trust is the problem, a few basic trust exercises can help to promote cooperation within the team.   

Meetings Normally when someone says meetings, everyone groans, moans and drags their feet along the floor while walking to the meeting room, and this negative attitude is exactly what you need to change. Productivity and motivation are two things that many team members struggle with; however, what they need is something to look forward to on a Monday morning which is all the more reason to mix things up a little in your next company meeting. Whether you take on-board the idea of ice-breaker activities or even just ask how everyone's weekend was and have a 5-10 minute ‘chilling' period, it can really help to encourage all team members to get more involved, as well as prepare people for the rest of the working day. So, try something different in your next meeting and see how your company reacts to the change. Corporate activity days If you really want to reward your team members for all the hard work they've done, corporate activity days are the way to go. Not only do they focus on developing most, if not all, areas that need improving including communication, trust, motivation and general teamwork skills, they are incredibly fun and something you, as the manager, can organise as a cost-effective, beneficial day away from the desks and computers. In addition, summer is the perfect time to plan these events as both outdoor and indoor team building activities are an option. If you believe this may be an opportunity for your team to get more involved and develop both their social, personal and work skills, then get in touch with one of our team today. Here at Team Challenge Company, we have a range of services and events, each of which offers different activities and opportunities for improvement. If you'd like to know more about what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today through our website on the contact us page or via telephone on 0845 601 4186.    

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