Back to School Team building: Inflatable Fun With Team Challenge Company

Posted: Sep 01 2014

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Teamwork is crucial to the success of any business, whatever its size or industry. Even those who work solo the majority of the time will rely heavily on inter-departmental communication and collaboration which means everyone has to be able to work well together.    

This is where team building comes in. By getting your team involved in icebreakers and mini team building activities during and after office hours, you will strengthen the bond and open communication channels between individuals. On occasion you can even throw larger scale or more adventurous team building events, either for the whole company or as a treat for a specific team who have excelled. At Team Challenge Company we are experienced in organising and hosting superb events of all shapes and sizes for all kinds of corporate companies. We have everything from corporate activity days and family fun days to team training and icebreaker activities on offer. Our wealth of experience along with our superior portfolio of event styles and venue partners means we can offer you the very best in team building. So where do you start? Well, we are in the swing of summer and that is usually the season for socialising with both personal and professional acquaintances, so why not start planning a little further ahead? After working through a long (and surprisingly hot!) summer and juggling things like staff absences, hyperactive children on a long summer break and the daily duties of working life, your team may be a little worse for wear by the time the new school term rolls around. They don't have to start the new season this way though. Who says the fun is over when summer ends? The kids going back to school is the perfect time for grown-ups to let loose and have a little fun of their own. More specifically, the big kids in the office can get stuck into some inflatable fun - all in the name of team building!  

Inflatable Fun Remember when you were a youngster and anything inflatable was like one giant playground, ready and waiting to be jumped on and ran into? Well, now you can recreate that feeling of fun and fearlessness with adult friendly inflatable fun from Team Challenge Company. We have a range of team building events and inflatable activities available to entertain you and your team, with some of our most popular being: Human Table Football It is how it sounds. Your team strings itself together and gets into the inflatable "table" before going head to head, only able to move sideways across the giant pitch. It is a challenge, but a fun one. Giant Assault Course Your team can test its limits with our giant inflatable assault course. Safer and more enjoyable than the real thing, our courses include things like wall climbs, tyre runs and over-and-unders. It may not be easy but it will generate lots of team spirit and a bit of friendly competition too. Surf Simulator Having fun and strengthening bonds is all about getting out of your comfort zone and what better way to do just that than treating your team to our inflatable Surf Simulator? Think ‘Bucking Bronco' but you're on a wave and a surfboard instead of an angry bull. This one is guaranteed to get some laughs. These are just a few of the inflatable fun activities we offer, but there are many more to choose from. Of course, if you fancy doing something else for your team building event then you can always browse our website and activity portfolios, or you can get in touch with the team here and let us help you make your event...The Event! 

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