Beat the Box and Big Quiz with Women's Aid

Posted: Mar 27 2019

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The beautiful St Marys Episcopal Church played host to our Beat the Box and Big Quiz event with the ladies from Women’s Aid. The event was a surprise as part of their full-day of team building. After a quick cuppa and some delightful breakfast rolls the ladies were mixed into teams.

The group was split into 5 teams, each with their own Box to tackle. After a quick explanation, the teams were set the task to open the first box where they were met with another 4 boxes to complete. Team Woo Woo was quick off the mark, opening their first box within 5 minutes, closely followed by Team Mohito. 

Team Cosmopolitan, too busy trying to ‘think outside the box’ rather than getting into the box, were oblivious to the clues right in front of them the whole time. This caused them a small delay to getting into Box 1. By Box 2, there was a bit of uproar in the room where some teams thought other teams were cheating and attempting to steal their information.

It took the ladies well into box 3 before Team French Martini suggested that maybe after all it was not an individual team game after all. With 16 minutes left on the clock the ladies gathered round to solve the clues and get into box 4. 

All teams now had a logical plan which allowed Box 4 to be opened in quick succession to Box 3. During this time, some of the participants noticed that there were several letters dotted around the room. They began to collect these in the hopes they would be of value to the end game. They were right to think this as Box 4, when opened, contained more letters and several jigsaw pieces. All teams gathered at the Red Zone to build the puzzle which revealed a QR code that, when scanned, revealed the winning phrase: “Together We Succeed”. 

In true Team Challenge Company style, we kicked the quiz off with our Hit or Miss icebreaker, testing the guest’s musical knowledge throughout the era’s in order to get valuable points. It was a shock to see that after the 4th song everyone was sitting down! We declared that a practise and everyone was soon back on their feet, taking the bonus points was Team Margarita.  

We got underway with the second round, Guess Who. In this round, the teams tried to decipher which celeb was on the screen... not as easy as it sounds, as some the celebs were in disguise! The next round was General Knowledge, which saw a few teams deciding to play the joker to see if theycould gain double points. One team showed us that was exactly what they were there for, with a not so good score of 6 out of 10.

It was down to team Woo Woo on the day that turned up with the right knowledge securing an admirable 18 points! The sport round was not as easy as first anticipated with very low scores but a laugh was had when guessing famous sportsman’s quotes. Name the Tune is always a favourite, some teams getting a little frustrated and wanting to hear the song for longer. Smiles were soon back on their faces when we had a sing song during the answer slides.

The victors of the day went away with an amazing 6450 points and of course the all-important Team Challenge Company Trophy! Well done to team Cosmopolitan. Taking home the popular Team Challenge Company wooden spoon was the French Martini’s with 4800. All in all, it was a great day with a great group of people, it was a pleasure to have met them all and hopefully we will see you all again soon!

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