Beat the Box with Lindt

Posted: Dec 03 2018

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The Runny Mede on Thames Hotel and Spa played host to our Beat the Box event with a team from Lindt. The event was a surprise as part of their full-day conference. After a brief break, the teams entered the room where our Beat the Box challenged awaited their participation. The group was split into 5 teams of 3, each with their own Box to tackle. After a quick explanation, the teams were set the task to open the first box where they were met with another 4 boxes to complete. Team 5 were quick off the mark, opening their first box within 5 minutes, closely followed by Team 1. 

Team 3, too busy trying to ‘think outside the box’ rather than getting into the box, were oblivious to the clues right in front of them the whole time. This caused them a small delay to getting into Box 1. By Box 2, there was a bit of uproar in the room where some teams thought other teams were cheating and attempting to steal their information. They all soon realised that to Beat the Box, they were going to have to work together as one big team rather than 5 individual ones. A member of Team 1 took the initiative to use the whiteboard in the room to keep track of all the information from each box. 

Box 2 saw the teams descend into mild panic and they soon realised that too many people working on the same item was not getting them very far. Deciding to split items in the box to each team allowed them to progress and work out the code for Box 3. All teams now had a logical plan which allowed Box 4 to be opened in quick succession to Box 3. During this time, some of the participants noticed that there were several letters dotted around the room. They began to collect these in the hopes they would be of value to the end game. They were right to think this as Box 4, when opened, contained more letters and several jigsaw pieces. All teams gathered on the floor to build the puzzle which revealed a QR code that, when scanned, revealed the winning phrase: “Putting the ‘we’ before the ‘me’”. 

Panic descended upon the room once more with everyone shouting different things at the same time. However, it only took one person to step forward and take charge to calm the situation. This allowed the team to see what the next step should be and, at that, one person shouted out one number that was marked on each letter in the hope that  this was the winning code to Beat the Box. The room fell silent as the last numbers were punched into the keypad. Had they managed to stop the clock? Cheers and applause broke out as the clock froze with less than 3 minutes to spare. Well done to all involved for successfully Beating the Box and, most importantly, “Putting the ‘we’ before the ‘me’”! 

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