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Posted: Apr 28 2018

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Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of working with McKinsey Company at their grand offices in London for an eventful team building challenge, Beat The Box. We arrived in Piccadilly Circus at the allotted hour, and before long, it was time to kick off!

The premise of Beat The Box is a simple one: you and your teammates have a set time to open every box, leading to the code that stops the clock. After splitting the guests into five teams, setting the timer and giving out the boxes, the fun truly began. One of our guests confidently said that he was sure he had completed a similar event in Orlando, and was confident that he would open the boxes with ease...

He was to be proven wrong however! All teams looked a bit worried as the first ten minutes passed with no team managing to open their first box. After a slight set of clues from our staff, the first boxes were open and the teams began making progress.

Throughout the ninety minute time limit, our friends at McKinsey were one of the most competitive and energetic teams we have ever come across, with some literally running around the room to try and desperately solve for their team. We will, of course, leave out the story of a few guests sprinting to the ladies’ bathroom to solve a part of the puzzle...

Beat The Box is a game that is designed for a few specific purposes. After a few boxes are opened, it became clear that everyone would need everyone’s information to progress. This particular aspect of the game promotes idea sharing and the fact that every new set of eyes in the room may have a particular insight that will be valuable in some way to the team. When this came to light, McKinsey were instantly trying their best to accrue more knowledge from each team. Although they didn’t quite finish within the ninety minutes, the conversations that followed were proof that each person not only learned something about their teammates and how to work effectively, but also that a great amount of fun was had by everyone involved, including ourselves at Team Challenge Company!

McKinsey are one of the companies that globally help big business to problem solve and become more productive in every way, and we at Team Challenge would love to help their own team run better and blow off some steam. Maybe after the amount of running seen at Beat The Box, a competitive race night..? Many thanks to the team at Mckinsey & Company for organising such a great event, we look forward to working with you again in the future.

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What an absolute pleasure to work with the entire team at McKinsey & Company. Although the team did not manage to quite "Beat the Box" in time, it was a fantastic day full of fun and competition for all! Great job all round, and very much looking forward to working with you all again.



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