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Posted: May 24 2018

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Certas Energy is a great client of ours at Team Challenge Company, and we very much enjoy working with their excellent people. So when they required our services for a Big Quiz night, we jumped at the chance to help them out!

While our team was setting up at the beautiful Glenbervie house, our guests were treated to a barbecue and spent a bit of time in the sun before heading inside for our night of fun and competition.

Our first round, Hit or Miss, is always a game that fires up all our contestants. A song is played and the guests have to decide whether the song was a Number One hit in the UK or not. Last player standing wins the points for their team. Our quizmaster had prepared fifteen songs for our guests to guess. By the fourth round, all bar three people had been eliminated! Maybe they should brush up on their pop knowledge for next year?

Our next rounds presented a challenge for all our teams, ranging from sports knowledge, defining famous landmarks, guessing movie quotes and there may have been a few points up for grabs for best dancer…

As a bit of respite from our ever more difficult questions, we at Team Challenge had organized a fun game to play in the middle of the rounds. Balloon Tower is a test of engineering and ingenuity where each team was given twenty five balloons to build the tallest free standing tower possible in ten minutes. Ranging in size from under thirty centimeters to just under two meters tall, the difference in skill level was prevalent as soon as the game started! Team five were penalized for resting their tower on a chair, meaning that they lost a full meter in height. But our winners of that round, Team Four, had a structure beating off the competition by a full foot!

Our final round was a Brutal Guess The Intro. All songs are extremely recognizable, ranging from the 60’s all the way to present day. The catch was that the teams only heard less than five seconds of the song before guessing! One of our ladies in Team Two had an absolutely amazing guess, correctly identifying the song from some static and audible footsteps, and no actual music!

But, once all was said and done, there have to winners and losers. In last place was our very loud, but not particularly knowledgeable Team One. Their team was always first to shout out, first to make jokes, but dead last in the final scores! It was very tight at the top, with only two correct answers separating the top teams. Our winners, Team Four, absolutely smashed all the rounds and played particularly well in the general knowledge and sport rounds, leading to a tight (but definitely well deserved) victory. We are sure that they will be fighting over who gets to keep our TCC trophy on their desk!

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