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Posted: Nov 08 2017

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Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of hosting a fun filled and energetic afternoon of indoor team building for the delegates of Paragon Asra Housing Association in the shape of our much-famed Big Quiz event. The fantastic Abbey Hill Golf Centre in Milton Keynes played host to the afternoon of entertainment, and what an afternoon it was! The group was split into 5 teams to compete throughout the afternoon to be in with the chance of winning the much-coveted Team Challenge Company Winner's Trophy - and, of course, avoiding taking home the Loser's Wooden Spoon!

The Big Quiz kicked off with our interactive Hit or Miss round which had everyone on their feet and showing off  their skills in identifying the UK no. 1 hit songs! Safe to say the Paragon Asra group weren’t up to speed on their chart topping hits, as we made it to the final two within just 4 songs! Dino and Andrew would battle it out for top points, with the mighty Dino showing he had what it took to withstand the pressure (and boo’s) from the crowd and take the victory for Team 5 Alive – what a legend! The Big Quiz really got going then with Guess Who and General Knowledge Rounds, as the scores remained tight amongst all teams…a tough battle was really shaping up!

Guess the Landmark and the Sports Round were the next two games on show, and this started to really separate the wheat from the chaff! We won’t say which teams were which, but when 3’s a Crowd scored 0 out of 100 in the Sports Round, I’m sure event they knew there was trouble ahead! By this stage, we had learned of Jim’s incredible ability to be at every important event that ever happened in the history of the world…From watching Dick Fosbury revolutionise the High Jump, through to the last manned mission to land on the moon – you can be sure Jim was there! Not only did he remember the day of the decimalisation of currency in the UK, he actually invented it!

After a quick tea/coffee break, we were back on and roaring to the finish line. Shreena showed the boys how proper push-ups were done for some sensational bonus points, and our good friend Santosh got a massive cheer for his ‘movie-look-alike’! He also proved his worth spectacularly in the Name the Year Round, as his buddy (and biggest competitor!) Bhavesh stumbled! With just one round to go, any team had a chance of taking victory…it all came down to the Name the Tune challenge! Some classics were belted out (Jim had actually written 9 of the 10 songs we played, and had performed as backing singer for the 10th one), and our Best Dancers came to the stage for bonus points as the grand finale…there were some sensational moves on show, but nothing could top Gurprit’s Bollywood grooves to the delighted of the audience!

With all the rounds complete, mascots played and bonus points won, it was time to reveal the scores... Coming in last – I think they might have guessed it for some time…was 3’s a Crowd, closely followed in 4th place by Team 5 Alive. 2 Much 2 Young came in 3rd, and just 100 points (or one correct answer) separated the top two. Just missing out on top spot with a fantastic 6850 points went to the Fantastic Four, which meant the mighty Good 1’s ran out champions, and lifted the Team Challenge Company Trophy aloft to huge cheers from all! A fantastic afternoon of indoor team building had been thoroughly enjoyed by all, and a big thank you and well done must go to Dino, Gurprit and Shreena for all their efforts in organising such a great day. We very much hope all from Paragon Asra Housing Association enjoyed their time with us and the Big Quiz, and we looking forward to seeing you all again soon for the rematch. 

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What a fantastic afternoon of indoor team building this was, with a lively (and highly competitive!) bunch from Paragon Asra Housing - lots of great highlights (including Dino's Dad Dancing and Jim's ability to be everywhere important all at once), and brilliant fun enjoyed by all. We wish you all the very best for your future successes, and look forward to working with you again soon.


Dino Kyprianou

Great event. The team were great at getting everyone involved. Enjoyable afternoon. Would recommend Team Challenge to anyone.



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