Big Quiz with Perthshire Caravans 2017

Posted: Dec 15 2017

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Team Challenge Company had the very great pleasure of hosting a fun filled evening of entertainment in the shape of our Big Christmas Quiz at the beautiful Inchture Hotel for the wonderful Perthshire Caravans team. The teams were playing for the opportunity to take home the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy and hopefully avoid taking home the dreaded Loser’s Wooden Spoon!

The evening’s entertainment kicked off with our Hit or Miss icebreaker which saw most of the team knocked out after just one or two songs! With Hit or Miss over and our winner from showing us all his perfected dance moves, it was time to start the first quiz round. The Guess Who’s Santa round started the teams off well in the competition with the Gingers Breads  only getting one question wrong- good show so far!

Guess the Festive Landmark was less of a success for most teams... Roland Rat...have you guys and gals never travelled past Dundee ?! however, you earned yourselves some bonus points for nicest shoes of the night! Three of the five teams decided that the Christmas Movie Quotes round was their speciality and played their joker for double points, great decision for two of those teams anyway! Viva Las Vegas and Christmas Manger managed to get themselves 9 of the 10 questions correct, bagging them a huge 180 points each - clever clogs! 

With the competition at the halfway point, the scores were close with now only 50 points between 1st and 2nd place. A Question of Winter Sports was our next round and with the fittest person on the team bringing the answer sheets up to the front, it was only fair we test how fit they really are... with a little press up challenge - just look at those photos ! The rest of the teams gathered round the 5 highly trained athletes, phones and cameras in hand as they cheered them on pumped to the max - the crowd was definitely impressed by the effort and definitely by the extra bonus points.

With the competition coming to a close and the scores totalled up, it was time to present the Winner’s Trophy and Loser’s Wooden Spoon. In last place and taking home the Wooden Spoon, with 4500 points, was Roland Rat! In fourth place with 5200 points was the pooh Pooh Stains. In third place, with only 100 points more – 5300 points, was the Viva Las Vegas! With only 100 points between 1st place and 2nd, just missing out on the top spot with a huge 5600 points was... the Christmas Manger! Which means, coming in first with 5700 points and taking home the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy was... Ginger Breads!

Well done to everyone, especially the dancers and the athletes - and of course Sleeping Beauty – you had to be there! A huge thank you and well done to Ian once again for organising the night - sorry you missed out on top slot this year – I would blame Keira to be honest - she is a professional! And even worse to be beaten by your sister! Shame on you! Our team really loved working with you all again and look forward to seeing you again soon! 

Merry Christmas from all at Team Challenge Company and every success in 2018 !

PS Some of the team names above have been changed to protect the innocent!

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stephen hazley

Ian. Ian, Ian, where did it all go wrong ? And to be beaten by Claire - unheard of ! Great day once again with Perthshire Caravans - roll on every success for you and your team in 2018 ! Stephen



I hope everyone at Perthshire Caravans had a great night again this year at their Christmas Big Quiz! We are already looking forward to the next!



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