Bush Tucker Trials and Executive Quiz Indoor Team Building Activities with Aker Solutions

Posted: Mar 06 2014

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The magnificent Ballroom Suite at the Thistle Airport Hotel in Aberdeen was the venue for an afternoon of Team Building Events with a group from Aker Solutions. They would be enjoying a session of Bush Tucker Trials, followed by an Executive Quiz. The Team challenge Company trophy was at stake for the winners! Teams: Ants and Dec, Akeroos, Bush Doctors and Dirty Roughnecks were competing for stars in a series of Bush Tucker trials which involved some physical, creative and eating challenges! Oz or Out was the first Interactive Challenge, where some hilarious town names including Wonglepong caught a few people out early doors. Yorkeys Knob was a personal favourite of the Akaroos! The star eventually went to Ants and Dec who were setting the bar very high. Safari Surprise greeted our next competitors with Craig almost losing his hand in the sludge but winning a star for the Akaroos. Our first eating challenge consisted of meal-worms and crickets which every team took on and were rewarded with a star.

A Guess Who jungle style competition was next up for the teams with everyone scoring at least 7/10 and racking up more stars towards their end of day total. Our next eating challenges were dung beetles and grasshoppers which Tomasz especially enjoyed, insisting they were a delicacy in Poland!!! You have to make your own mind up about that one. Safari Surprise followed with again all stars being obtained. Outback Fling really brought out the competitive side in the Bush Doctors who returned with a good haul. The yawning hippo did prove to be elusive for the Dirty Roughnecks though as they were trounced by the other 3 teams. Bush Tucker Hat challenge allowed our teams to create a practical jungle hat and present it to the other teams. Some weird and wonderful designs including water retention and fly swatters were greeted with huge laughs by the others looking on. The Akeroos scooped 2 stars in this game with a unique design which wouldn't be out of place on bid up TV! Our final eating challenge involved a massive cockroach at least 5 inches long. You could hear the crunch as the 4 brave souls did their best to swallow the huge beast! They all did their teams proud and managed to win 2 stars each for their teams.

The stars were transferred into points for the Executive Quiz section of the evening. The Akeroos were the front runners at the half way stage with 150 points. Ants n Dec languishing behind on 110.The Executive Quiz kicked off with Guess Who with Mariah Carey in drag both exciting and frustrating the bush Doctors. Ants and Dec were quickly headhunted by HEAT magazine after a sterling performance of 9/10. Guess the landmark proved to be the hardest round with some answers embarrassing the Dirty roughnecks. They did however play their mascots at the right time and racked up massive scores on name the movie and name the tune. questions in sport proved to be the Akaroos and Bush doctors downfall with both teams posting less than average scores. The competition was really heating up at this point with Ants and Dec endeavouring to put some much needed points on the board. Every team made a late surge towards the trophy but in the end there could only be one winner! Dirty roughnecks finished strongly and scooped top prize with a massive 830 points. 2nd was the Bush Doctors with 810 points, 3rd - Ants and Decs with 800 points. Finally the wooden spoon winner went to the akeroos with only 790 points. The early favourites falling badly at the last hurdle A fantastic afternoon with Pat and the team from Aker Solutions.

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What an afternoon, and the bugs were an all time massive size, well done to the brave souls who took them on. Pat and the Akeroos it just wasn't your night, however big scores for the movies well done



Well done to those who took on the eating challenges, especially the King cockroach! That thing was massive. What a fantastic way to spend the afternoon. Hope to see you for another Bushtucker trial soon when we go for live bugs!!! haha



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