Fun Casino Night with Carbon Financial

Posted: Dec 13 2019

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After a trip out for luncheon in Edinburgh, the group from Carbon Financial where surprised with a Fun Casino Night with Team Challenge Company. After a welcome and quick brief explaining what format the afternoon would take, the fun money was was handed out and then it was down to business to see how was going to walk way with the Team Challenge Company Winner's Trophy or the wooden spoon.

It was a fast start to our Evening of Entertainment as everyone was on the roulette and blackjack tables trying to place a bet and win as fast as they could. The thinkers of the company earned great money for the first round of fun money gambling - there was a big game going with Mark winning this the first game and overall and was looking good to win the trophy. 

Over at the Roulette the wheel was spinning fast and furious and the bets were hot to trot. The red and black outside bets were so busy that everyone had their finger on their bet just so no one would take the cash! At this point a lot of people needed a wee loan to get them going again like Susan who still owns the bank £40 k and even worse the ever present George Samson who owes us £7 million the big shock here was Daz, an early leader ending up owning the bank £120! What happened?! There was a big shouts from the blackjack table as the Blackjacks were flying thick and fast but who was winning and who was burning the fun cash in the pocket?

There was also a super cocktail making experience going on which treated everyone to their favourite tipple – they all looked happy with their efforts – Just look at those photos!

Scores on the final doors

4th and best lady overall Janice £165 (should have started winning earlier! )

3rd Colin - £2202nd John - £320

1st Liam - £480 Buy a lottery ticket!

Worst Gambler of the dayMichael - £140 loss – stick to the day job!

Many thanks to all organisers for putting together the surprise activity plans for Carbon Financial. It was a brilliant afternoon, we look forward to working together again in 2020.

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