Christmas Murder Mystery dinner with Planit Scotland

Posted: Dec 16 2019

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The delightful BogBain Farm Inverness was the lovely setting for the group from PlanIt Scotland to be treated to their mysterious Indoor Event at their Christmas Dinner of Murder Mystery Entertainment, and so began “T’was the Death before Christmas" After a delightful drinks reception and wonderful welcome to all the guests from the Director of PlanIt Scotland Cecilia the would be  Sleuths took their seats in preparation for their Dinner and after a brief introduction as to the format of the evening and of course the introduction of the trophy and wooden spoon ( or was that plastic ?)  our suspects burst into the room and the teams got serious, picking apart the stories of some fiendishly talented actors and investigating the sequence of events that lead to the terrible events in "T’was the Death Before Christmas"... all in the course of enjoying a fabulous dinner as the teams battled their wits with each of the tables getting down to solving the murder of Santa!

The Murder Mystery kicked off with a bang as the guests were introduced to Betty Buchanan, Lieutenant Billy Buchanan and Uncle Bing Buchanan and played out the mystery plot to their dinner guests as well as reveal their devious exploits. As the action unfolded there were more red herrings on offer than even Jamie Oliver could handle and we were kept on our toes trying to figure out ‘whodunnit.’ The fantastic actors transported us into a world of love, passion, revenge, tinsel and fake beards and we didn’t even have to leave our seats. As the first act closed and the actors took their seats at the tables it was up to our talented teams of detectives to interrogate the suspects and piece together the fragmented clues that would lead them to the picture perfect accusation.

There was much friendly competition and plenty of hilarious moments as the teams battled it out to figure out the truth. As the evening dinner performance drew towards a close it was time for the final accusations to be made and with most of the teams being all in a muddle. Taking last place and claiming the Wooden Spoon were the worst Poirots in the room – just look at their photographs! Success seemed to get further and further away as the wine flowed and the banter heightened. We at team Cecilia PlanIt managed to edge closer to the truth in this devious Murder Mystery plot as the other tables answers were as convoluted as an episode of Miss Marple but at least their answer was somewhat plausible. Other accusations were bang on the money but no motive alas ! As we watched the final act of the drama and saw the truth unfold before our eyes our winners were jubilant and were then duly presented with the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy- who knew that they were the most clever ones in the room!

As we got ready to leave there was time to thank Cecilia for all of her hard work and effort in putting the dinner and entertainment together for us all to enjoy and for the PlanIt Scotland team for keeping everyone in order on the evening- even Elf Willie Cameron! . After the great evening of Indoor Team Building with Team Challenge Company we are sure that the teams are all swatting up on their detective stories and watching Columbo to be prepared for the next instalment of the drama.

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