Company Team Building Activities - Crystal Challenge with University of Ulster

Posted: May 12 2014

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The magnificent Radisson Roe Park Resort by Limavady, played host to our latest Crystal Challenge event with a group of 36 from the University of Ulster. The company team building activities day kicked off with some unique and wonderful team presentations which helped familiarise a lot of the group with others they hadn't met before. The majority of these were in fact captain Alana's first mates! The first crystal of the day went to the Crazy Crystallisers for an imaginative piece of word play...... Very imaginative! They won the best team name much to the others dismay! Girls Squared got off to a flyer proving their knowledge of space survival was up there with the best! An early crystal and laying down the gauntlet to the rest of the trailing teams! The Girls Squared also excelled brilliantly at the Chicken Fox and Grain working like a well oiled machine but looking like an abandoned safari park! They got the job done though to extend their lead even further.

The Crazy Crystallisers struggled to make a break through on the mighty Towers of Hanoii as they languished at the foot of the table at the early stage. Norman was leading from the front at the Archery, as accurate as Robin Hood he was described! The Crystal Muppet's trying to claw back some ground on the run away pack. The Quint-essentials were inches away from defeating the towers but fell at the last hurdle while the Crazy Crystallisers also succumbed to the challenging nature of the puzzles and labyrinth! Kerry wins first prize for best looking fox of the day and Sharon for best chicken of the day! Sorry Gals no crystals for this accomplishment though! Girls Squared made a late surge for the trophy by acing the Archery while the Crystal Muppet's finished poorly on the Towers of Hanoii! Interlocker was our last chance for the teams to win some crystals but the puzzle proved to be a cruel mistress with a lot of shouting and not much progress.

The Quint-essentials took a bonus crystal for being one piece away - a lot closer than the rest! In the end each team had between 18 and 21 seconds inside the illustrious Crystal Dome to grab the cash in our winner takes all finale! Ryan, Sharon, Craig and Leanne gave it their all in a frantic cash dash, Leanne even collecting some in her hood for good measure! Craig pushed the boundaries more than anyone though and even had to have some cash deducted for serious foul play!! After an action packed, fun filled day the scores on the doors were as follows: in last with £1900 taking home the dreaded wooden spoon were the Crystal Muppet's. The Quint-essentials in 3rd on £2100.. Only £500 separated our top two sluggers! The Crazy Crystallisers just missed out on top spot and took home nothing but memories I'm afraid! But the winners were Girls Squared on £3400! A well deserved victory for the girls..... And 2 guys! The coveted Team Challenge Company winners trophy was the prize for these Team Building gurus!!! Well done to everyone for being good sports and to Shauna for making this such a successful day, we are already looking forward to seeing what next year may bring.

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Haha Craig was at it all day Shauna! Glad you guys had a great time! Some fierce competition! Hope to see you soon for a re match, maybe the pressure zone??? Well done to everyone for making this such a fun filled afternoon



Thanks Robbie and the team for a great day!! Pity Craig cheated to win it for the girls!!!



What a brilliant day at Raddison Roe Park. The rain held of for the best part of the event thankfully! Well done once again to Girl Squared for going home with that trophy! Very well deserved!



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