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Posted: Aug 29 2014

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The stunning venue of Pittodrie House Hotel was the location of our latest Crystal Challenge, team building event on Friday! It was a wet day but that didn't dampen the spirits of our teams who came out to see who was the best of the best at Stena Drilling! The teams were, Team More or Less, Norfolk and Chance and The Crystal Collectors. The day started out with all 3 teams competing at NASA. It seemed to be that we had some possible astronauts in our midst, as all of our teams got at least an average score so there was a good chance they would survive on the moon! But it was Team More or Less who had the best score and the best chances, The Crystal Collectors came in second who had an alright chance of survival despite the fact that oxygen was third on their list of priorities... but in last place was Norfolk and Chance who probably should just stay at home next time rather than embark on another expedition to the moon!

After that the teams broke off and did their individual activities: Interlocker, Towers of Hanoi and Puzzles! Unfortunately none of the teams managed to complete the puzzles but The Crystal Collectors did manage to complete the individual challenge of Hole in One so managed to take away one crystal away! On Interlocker, Norfolk and Chance managed to complete the Interlocker challenge unlike any other team and More or Less managed to get the Buzz Me crystal! Well done to both teams! Meanwhile on the Towers of Hanoi the Crystal Collectors managed to complete in just under the time! After lunch we continued with our outdoor section: Archery, Catapult and Chicken, Fox and Grain. On the Archery the Crystal Collectors and Norfolk and Chance managed to get a crystal for completing the challenge and the Crystal Collectors got an extra crystal for highest score! Norfolk and Chance and More or Less managed to get the bonus crystal for their individual challenge! On Chicken, Fox and Grain all the teams managed to complete the group challenge but none got the individual challenge of Bounce and In!

Finally on Catapult, all the teams got a crystal for making their catapult fire but Norfolk and Chance got the extra crystal for firing theirs the furthest. More or Less and Crystal Collectors managed to get the riddles at the end so got their individual crystal. Norfolk and Chance managed to hit two rats in our Bat the Rat Finale, 2 more than anyone else and received a further two crystals! This meant that in the team More or Less had 24 seconds, Norfolk and Chance had 27 seconds and the Crystal Collectors had 30 seconds!!! It was fast and furious hands from all who entered the dome but in the end there was only one winner and one loser. In 3rd position with £2400 was More or Less who took home the wooden spoon, in 2nd taking home nothing but memories was Norfolk and Chance with £2800 which means in first position with £4800 and a clear lead taking home the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy was the Crystal Collectors!!!

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Ali Mac

the wet weather didn't dampen your spirit, you gave it your all and hopefully came off better for it!



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