Corporate Entertainment Ideas With Pacific World Scotland At The Kingsmill Hotel

Posted: Mar 31 2015

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A group of brave Greek men and women were taken out of their comfort zones as they braved the inconsistent elements to take on an afternoon of, corporate events and activity ideas, Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting and Segway riding on the last day of March.

The Kingsmill Hotel in Inverness played was the fantastic setting for the tough weather and even tougher competition. The group, taking part in a tour of Scotland over the course of the week, were treated to the infamous “four seasons in one day” as mother nature done her worst (and best) over the course of the afternoon. 

The teams took to the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting with eager trigger fingers as they aimed to perfect their aim during the practice. The scores were very close in the practice rounds which meant that it was all to play for during the competition. The Blue team were up first and they secured themselves a comfortable score of 58 shots on target. 

The Orange team were up next for their chance to blast them in to the lead. Unfortunately, after a great start, they fell ever so slightly short with 57 shots hitting their flying targets. Last up with a chance to make their mark in the competition was the Green team. They started slow in the practice and the weather was at its worst when it came down to business. This was not going to stop Lila and her fellow sharp shooters however as they scored a massive 69 shots on target giving them a great start into the competition!

Next up our teams took part in the Segway Time Trial which seen our competitors practice their manoeuvres through a range of obstacles in a bid to reach the finish line in the quickest time possible. The Green team were up first in this round and unfortunately their shooting skills weren’t transferable when it came to navigating the complex Segway course. The whole team finished off in a respectable but ‘not fast enough’ time of 8 minutes and 36 seconds. The Blue team looked very confident as they zoomed through their practice with promising ease. With a great time from Nikos the Blue team found themselves leading the way with a time of 7minutesand 24seconds. The Orange team waited eagerly for their turn and after their practice time they were ready to roll! Alex blew the rest of the competitors off the course with his incredible time of 111 seconds! The whole team crossed the line with a very impressive cumulative time of 6 minutes 44 seconds.

Even with the intense weather conditions the day was a huge success and everyone enjoyed themselves and managed to avoid hypothermia. With a combination of individual and team scores we added up the totals to find out who was going home with the trophy and who was leaving with the loser’s wooden spoon!

With 850 points in last place and taking home the infamous wooden spoon was the Blue Team! Narrowly missing out on the bottom and top spot with 860 points it was the fantastic Green Team. The champions of the day, the overall victors and the winners of the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy were of course the Orange Team. Thank you everyone who braved the weather with us at the beautiful Kingsmill Hotel, thanks to Katarina and to Sandra for their input in the organisation alongside Pacific World. It was a great day and we hope that we will be seeing you all again.

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What a fantastic day! I do hope you had as much fun as what I did! We seen all types of weather but certainly didn't dampen the moral! Thanks again and I do hope to see you all again soon!



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