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Posted: Oct 28 2016

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On Wednesday 26th October, Team Challenge Company welcomed a group of 65 delegates from Faroe Petroleum to take part in a day of traditional Highland Games activities at the fantastic Macdonald Aviemore Resort.

Our classic tartan Jimmy wigs were given to everyone in the group as they made their way through the activities and to our team who were eagerly awaiting them with the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy!

The day’s activities started with our highly energetic – and entertaining! – group warm up which left everyone raring to start the competition and earn as much points as possible to win them that highly sought after trophy!

The group was split into teams and sent to kick off the competition in their first rotations which included Toss the Caber, Axe Throwing, Weight Over Bar and the challenging Hey You Jimmy course among many others!

Weight Over Bar saw the teams frantically throwing bags of hay over the huge inflatable in a bid to beat the opposing team to take away the top score of 1000 points! The teams got an opportunity to show off their strength and endurance over at the Stone Lift where the competition was extremely close and the top scores either teams to take.

The cheers from Hey You Jimmy could be heard from across the field as the teams raced around the course, over the bridges, through the hoops and around the hay bales with their wheelbarrows full of balls (and some not so full...) as they challenged the opposing team to fill their buckets the quickest! The Tug O’ War finale was the groups last chance to get in some much needed points and show the other teams what their made of before the final scores were presented!

With all the Highland Games activities completed and the scores added up, it was time to present the Team Challenge Company Losing Spoon and Winner’s Trophy! Coming in Last Place and taking home the Wooden Spoon was Team 5! Taking home the Winner’s Trophy with the highest score of the day and proving themselves the best was... Team 4! One challenge down, next - The Scavenger Hunt!

Following on from the success of the Highland Games, the group from Faroe Petroleum gathered for a second time at the Macdonald Aviemore Resort on Thursday 27th October to challenge themselves – and each other – once again. The challenge on this day took shape of our exciting Scavenger Hunt and saw the teams spend the day taking part in various tasks and activities around the scenic Loch an Eilein. The days challenges included video tasks, photo tasks and questions to be answered about the loch and surrounding area. One of the most entertaining tasks – for their team and ours – was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune remake which saw the teams dancing and singing in their own version of the classic rap!

The competitive spirit was strong amongst the group as some teams even came close to taking a dip in the icy water during the Stepping Stone Challenge. Once the final checkpoint had been reached and the teams had gathered all the hidden letters throughout their journey around Loch an Eilein, it was time to check the answers and see who managed to complete the final task and spell out the final word... BRAVEHEART. The teams did surprisingly well and most managed to spell out the word and complete most of their task book as well as the various photo and video challenges, meaning the competition was definitely very close yet again! The scores were added up and the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy and Losing Wooden Spoon was waiting to be claimed! Coming in last place, and taking home the wooden spoon, was... Team 4! Well done for all the effort, Team 4, but taking home that Winner’s Trophy and gaining ultimate bragging rights was... Team 1!

huge thank you and well done to Eleanor for organising the activities and for everyone who took part, it was a great effort from everyone! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you all and our team had a great time, we look forward to seeing you all again.

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Well done to everyone who took part, it was a fantastic day and was great to see everyone get so involved. The warm up was definitely a personal favourite - very entertaining!



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