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Posted: Oct 24 2015

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On this glorious afternoon Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of entertaining the amazing group from Robinson Medical Recruitment with one of our favourite events - Country Pursuits!

As the group of 14 were split into two teams the first task was to create a new team name something different and unique. The teams were reborn as Team Bolt and Team Owenators!

Archery was full of competitiveness and fun as the teams battled head to head to make it through to our final mystery round! Carly stood up for Team Owenators and was instructed to get the arrow as close to the bull as possible, sounded easy right! But Carly thought that we were going to dress up as bulls and allow her to fire at us!! The uproar from her comment was excellent, but unfortunately she was eliminated with no live Bulls in sight. 

After lunch the scores were tight with Team Owenators in pole position and Team Bolt coming in close 2nd who would succeed at the next round bridge Build. Ian rounded up Team Bolt and devised a plan that would take them to the top but would it be a successful crossing? Derek convinced his team that because he was an engineer he had the best plan but was it? As the teams took to the stage there was only one winner and that was....... Team Bolt, well done team!

As the finale came upon us it was time for the one and only Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting! As the scores stood anyone else could be today's winner but Ann stood up for Team Owenators and smashed it, best female shooting I have seen in a long time! The scores were checked and verified and there was only one winner with a massive 795 points was Team Owenators and coming in a close 2nd was Team Bolt with 735 points! 

We would like to take the time to say a massive well done to Ann for organising this amazing event was a great success for everyone! Can't wait to sit down and brain storm the next one but if Katie is involved there will definitely be kayaking and cycling involved!

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What an amazing event! A great bunch of people with plenty of laughs! Carly is still out there looking for the bull! I look forward to working with you guys again soon



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