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Posted: Jul 01 2018

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The spectacular The Artillery Garden at the HAC played host to our highly successful Summer Festival for Multiplex. It was a glorious day and the sun was splitting the sky, a toasty 41 degrees. There was ice cream a plenty to cool everyone down. Following another year if Success construction giant Multiplex hosted their annual staff Summer Festival, This is an important event in their social calendar and helps keep a real family culture within their fast growing business.

There was plenty of fun to be had with attractions both inside and out, plenty of shelter out of the sun in the air conditioned marquee. Indoors and Kiki the Clown’s workshop was in full swing and all the boys and girls enjoyed learning how to plate spin, Balloon model and juggle. They were all very good at the plate spinning and some excellent balloon models to show off too.

There were some amazing painted faces walking around, loads of dinosaurs, unicorns and butterflies; these were great for the photo booth pictures along with all the other crazy props that were available. The photo booth was very popular. There was plenty practice driving for the Soap Box racing going on over at the WII Switch with Mario Kart, loads of items thrown at other cars, I’m glad there was none of this allowed on the Soap Box.

Outside at the inflatable zone there were plenty of giggles and laughter over at the Surf Simulator as all ages tried to tackle the waves! Our best time if the day was 3 minutes 36 seconds. The Bungee Trampolines were a great hit, front flips, back flips and very high bouncing seen giggles and laughs of excitement from all the children and even the adults braved the trampolines for a fun bounce. The little ones enjoyed having their own inflatable with the Avengers Castle and Ball pool, I’m certain there were more balls coming out of the pool than there were in it!

Gladiator Duel and Pillow Bash were a massive hit with everyone, there were some very strong contenders on both inflatables, the Army Assault Course was a brilliant thrill, and the kids loved the big slide at the end. The mini discos went down a treat for all ages, especially the under 5’s they loved our Disney playlist as much as we did, there were some very interesting dance moves at the disco and that was just from Ross! Laser Clay Shooting was loved by everyone especially the adults, some great skills and hardly a missed clay all day, it must have been the venue with its artillery vehicles and canons in the background as inspiration. There were food trucks galore from, pizza, nachos, burgers hotdogs and Ice cream and many, many more. A great treat for a great day.

The Staff at Multiplex spend the whole year creating and designing there Soap Box Cart ready to race at the Summer Festival. The track was set and all the teams were ready to take on the time trial in order to take home some gorgeous bottles of Champagne. There were some great drivers and some that may have paid for their license from a joke shop! This is a very serious event and very competitive so when Team Hit 100 2.0 chain popped off and they were pushing and not peddling there was calls for disqualification. Team Aykon’s Hot Wheels were whizzing it down the track, there was also calls for disqualification as the rule was a minimum of 4 wheels they only had 3!

The results were in, teams were eager to here where they positioned in the time trial.

In joint last place due to their 30second time penalty for pushing their cart was Hot 100 2.0 and Launch 22 with a total time of 2minutes 6 seconds. Aykon stepping into 5th place at 2minutes 1 second 4th place was The Wet Bandits in their A team van at 1minute 44 seconds, 3rd place went to The core with a time of 1minute 39 Seconds, stepping up for 2nd place was Rad Gold with a fabulous time of 1minute 26 seconds however piping them to the post with an incredible 1 minute 23 seconds for 8 laps with the biggest and bulkiest cart was team Shark attack they were incredible.

We had a fantastic day with you all; we very much look forward to next year’s event. Thank you to Charlotte for all the organising, a great deal of time and effort goes into these events. We cannot wait to see your carts next year! 

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