Corporate Team Building - Crystal Challenge At Pittodrie House Hotel

Posted: Feb 05 2015

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Nestled perfectly among the rugged but beautiful rural Aberdeenshire countryside, Pittodrie House Hotel played idyllic host to our latest afternoon of corporate team building. The high tempo and upbeat, Team Challenge Company team building days, Crystal Challenge awaited a group of 18 from the Medical field.

They would take on a variety of physical, strategical, and tactical challenges in order to win the illusive and much sought after crystals. The Jedi's, The Wookies and The Astronauts would clash head to head throughout the day, each hoping to walk away with the top prize - the magnificent and illustrious Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy. The teams were raring to go as they learned of the opportunity to win a bonus crystal straight from the off!

The teams had to turn in a theatrical and dramatic performance worthy of Broadway when presenting their side. Three totally different approaches culminated in an extravaganza of sound and dance. 

The astronauts melodically pondered around the room with space noises. The Jedi's light sabre effects drew a chuckle from the baying crowd. And finally the Wookies explosion of sound, movement and intensely choreographed stage presence made heads turn.

The Wookies edging out the astronauts in a hotly fought contest allowed them to edge in front before the competition had really began. The games kicked off in true crystal challenge fashion. Each team testing their capabilities in order to gain an early advantage. The Jedi juggernaut stalled early on however with an unsuccessful bash at Interlocker. The Wookies panned the labyrinth with an amazing team system that allowed them to master the board. A bonus crystal headed their way as well with a sterling performance on the home in one. Astronauts mastered the snowy conditions out in the fresh Scottish air as they donned the wacky costumes for chicken, fox and grain and went home clutching a valuable early crystal. The Jedi's also used the force to get their boat over the line as they roared back from their early Interlocker disappointment. The astronauts adapted brilliantly as they defeated the Interlocker on their return to the ballroom suite. A sterling performance greeted with elation and exuberance! They were certainly staking their claim for the trophy at this half way stage. The Wookies fought hard on the puzzles and managed to win a bonus crystal after a shaky start. The Astronauts however were crushed by the pitfalls of the mighty labyrinth and were left puzzled by the jigsaws.

As we headed towards our final round it really was all to play for! NASA challenge awaited our teams for a bonus 2 crystals - it would prove to be an important part of proceedings! All teams endeavoured to embrace the moon bound logic and put their thinking caps on for one last time. Each team put in an outstanding performance, all ending up in the excellent category!

There was only a few points in it. The astronauts lived up to their billing, taking maximum crystals at the expense of the Wilkie warriors. The Jedi's fate was but sealed with a dismal final showing, going out with a wimper rather than a fight. In our spectacular finale the three teams entrusted one member to grab the cash in the much loved crystal dome. The astronauts had gained the longest amount of time based on their crystal haul. The crowd waited with pitted breath as the competitors came and went. Roared on by their colleagues they could do no more as it was cash counting time! And what a final twist of fate!

The Wookies snatched victory from the jaws of the astronauts winning £780 to their £740! An outstanding achievement.

The big losers were the Jedi's - Wooden spoon for them! A thoroughly entertaining day with a lovely group of people. See you all in the spring for the rematch!

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What a brilliant group and venue! Hope everyone enjoyed there day look forward to working with you all again soon!


Hannah Spacey

Thank you so much for your assistance in arranging this fantastic event! The photographs look great - cold but great! We hope you all had a great time... The Team Challenge Company team certainly did!



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