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Posted: Jun 12 2014

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200 St Vincent St was the gorgeous venue for our team building Glasgow event, where 5 teams from Jacobs took part in several games to see who could come out as the Team Challenge Company champions. Team Extreme where the first to come out on top, they got off to a flying start in Helium Stick and managed to get their palms to the ground in just under a minute, a very impressive time and also meant that they took an early lead in our series of challenges! Next up was Crane Construction and it seemed the budding engineers all came from Italy’s fan club who got their weight to the amazing height of 113 cm to claim 1st place, despite Geoff from the Ship Lifters having issues because his team, but all wasn’t lost for the Ship Lifters as they did manage to get the bonus pack up and get some extra points.

Our next challenge for the team was NASA and this is where the Ship Lifters came into their own and showed their survival skills and achieved the very low score of 12 and showed everyone that they would definitely survive on the moon, unfortunately Team Extreme and Scotland demonstrated that they wouldn’t have a clue what to take on a lunar mission and survival rates for that team were very slim. Balloon Tower was up next and by this stage the team’s were clowning around slightly, Italy’s fan club came out on top again with a height of 177cm and took away a well earned 1000 points, Team Extreme however were more happy to spend their time making rude shapes with the balloons so had very little time to achieve more height and only managed 142 cm but the real surprise was from It’s ma B, I’m Scotland who had a design which seemed destined for failure yet they still managed to get a respectful 148cm.

Our finale for the day was Bridge Build which would give our teams 1000 extra points for success and a last chance for glory for some of our teams, only two teams managed to achieve succes, Team Extreme and Italy’s fan club, which meant they got a better chance at walking home with the Team Challenge Company trophy. They say their can only be one winner which of course means there can only be one loser, unfortunately this time the losers were Scotland who took home nothing but memories and of course the Team Challenge Company dreaded wooden spoon with a low score of 1600. Third place went to It’s ma B I’m Scotland, who didn’t have their best day who had the score of 2800. It was a joint second place between Ship Lifters and Team Extreme who on 3200 just missed out on glory but of course that means the winners for the day were Italy’s fan club with the high score of 3800 took home the coveted TCC trophy and bragging rights over the rest of the teams! Thank you to Fran for all of your hard work putting this event together.

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