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Posted: Feb 12 2014

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It was a festive fun fill Christmas Corporate Quiz Night with Schlumberger at the warm and cosy Aberdeenshire Cricket Club. The Evening Entertainment kicked off with the Generation Game. Round one of the Christmas Corporate Quiz Night got everyone onto their feet and guessing for a Hit or a Miss. "What the Fox Says" not only swaggers like Mick Jagger but won the round for team.

The Christmas Generation Game was now getting serious as the teams settled down for the Memory Test, but this did not last long…. as the clowning around and hilarity carried the teams into the Circus Workshop. The teams literally let loose their hidden talents and balls with their juggling but displayed magnificent balloon modelling skills. However it was Brian who stole the show with his two handed double plate spinning performance and added points to "Brian Beauties". The evening entertainment continues as Brian Beauties raised more points with a triumph reindeer construction towering at 174cm followed by the A team (second tallest) reindeer at 135cm.

After a fast and furious Generation Mix, tensions were mounting up as the teams prepared to compete in the best Christmas Cake Decoration. An amazing attempt by the A-team for producing the Jessica cake. But the winning cake decoration, was a wonderful winter wonderland Christmas Cake Decoration which included polar bears and a snowman to warm the hearts of the judges went to the Testing Penetrators. The Christmas Generation Game charged on with Balloon Tower. After F***y B**s had the shortest reindeer of 73cm earlier, it was comeback time for F***y B**s as Jenna lead the balloon tower team building. Not even Brian Beauties tumbling balloon tower could catch up with F***y B**s brilliant Balloon Tower of 156cm. The Christmas Corporate Quiz Night ended with an energetic Animal Race.

Scores on the doors and collecting the wooden spoon was The A team. Runners up and 5th place - What the Fox says; 4th place - Logistical Nightmare; 3rd place - Testing Team; 2nd place - F***y B**s. Leaving Brian Beauties the champions of the Christmas Generation Game and to collect the Team Challenge Company Cup, whoop whoop! Thank you to all the guests, and especially Michelle, for organising a fabulous festive evening. A big shout out to the team at Aberdeenshire Cricket Club for their contribution. It was an amazeballs Christmas evening entertainment and look forward to working with Schlumberger and Aberdeenshire Cricket Club again.

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Even with the last minute change to indoor activities we still kept the enthusiasm at an all time high. The event was a massive success with a fair bit of hilarity throughout! Myself and the team really enjoyed working with you all. Thanks again to Bronagh and Tharese for making this event happen!



A fantastic day with a great group of people. I hope you all enjoyed the afternoon...I know I did! A personal highlight of mine was the massive descent the egg had to make from the top balcony of the hotel. A truly amazing area of the Culloden Estate in which to perform the activity. The atmosphere was electric! Hope to see you again soon, can be team captain next time!!! haha



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