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Posted: Apr 23 2015

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Team Challenge Company once again embarked on an epic voyage this week, riding the rolling waves of the Irish Sea all the way to beautiful Ballymena, Northern Ireland. More specifically the picturesque and idyllic Galgorm Manor. On what was undoubtedly the hottest day of the year to date, our team couldn't wait to kick off the highly anticipated, team building events, Crystal challenge.

A group of 45 team building enthusiasts from economical development advisory giants OCO Global would split up into 5 teams and battle it out, head to head, all in pursuit of one dream! To take home the coveted and highly sought after Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy. Lying in wait were a variety of physical, mental and problem solving based challenges which would undoubtedly determine, the destination of our top prize.

The festivities began in true competitive fashion with the best team name challenge. The task of thinking on your feet came more easily to some, rather than others, teams immediately crumbling in the mid afternoon heat. The pressure was on from the get go as our competitors knew an impressive start would go a long way to winning more precious time inside our Crystal Dome - The finale of the day.

After brief deliberation, the inaugural crystal went to The Leopard Skin Underwear Team, much to the dismay of the now chasing pack: Bling Babies, Velociraptors, Crystal Clear and Team Amazing! As our 5 groups spread across the lush, rural lawn, the intensity increased as they approached their first team and individual challenges for the day. The Bling Babies shone at the Interlocker, in what was a commanding and impressive display. They knew if they kept this level up then they would be hard to beat in the run in for top dogs! The Velociraptors roared off the start line also with an efficient and elegant performance on the the tricky Ring the Bell! This, however, as time went on proved to be their peak as their skills diminished, further down the line.

Crystal Clear picked up a valuable early crystal on the Chicken, Fox and Grain, defying the elements and battling through the pain barrier to success. The Flag Race awaited them as they knew another crystal could propel them into pole position before the break! Team Amazing largely went about their business, quietly but effectively as they slipped under the radar. They too were among the leading pack as the delegates took a well earned mid-session interval. As our groups embarked on what promised to be a rollercoaster run in the teams knew any slip up would be capitalised on by the chasing teams and leave the door open for a late upset.

Team Amazing continued to live up to their billing as they aced the Nail the Wood challenge. Hammering home their advantage with a great deal of style and panache. The Leopard Skin Underwear Team revealed a resilient and combative core as they rallied for one last hurrah on the Hole in One and on the puzzling Labyrinth! The Jigsaw seemed to be the main stumbling block as the teams toiled badly at the seemingly simple task. As our competitors gave their all for the cause, the competition culminated in a frenzied crescendo of noise and exuberance. It was time to count the crystals and send one lucky delegate into the dash for cash finale! The team who grabbed the most would be crowned champions for the day!

One by one they entered the dome with high aspirations. A flurry of scooping, clutching and grabbing ensued as they battled one final hurdle in their quest for top prize. With the crowd willing their team mates on the rapturous applause succumbed to an into upstart silence. They had done all they could. Bottom of the pile were The Velociraptors who did all they could but just couldn't manage to drag themselves out of the mire. In 4th were the Leopard Skin Underwear Team was despondent at their lowly finish. In 3rd were the Bling Babies who were over the moon at a mid table finish! In 2nd were the Crystal Clears whose efforts proved transparent and missed out by just a few pounds. But the big winners today were Team Amazing who were simply that. Awesome from start to finish and deserved winners of what truly was a sensational afternoon! Thank you to Therese for making the day run so smoothly. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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What an amazing bunch of people to work with! Plenty of laughs and smiles. I look forward to working with you all again soon.



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