Crystal Challenge with Carbon Financial Partners

Posted: Jun 01 2018

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Team Challenge Company had the very great pleasure of hosting Carbon Financial Partners for a very enjoyable Crystal Challenge afternoon at the wonderful 200 St Vincent Street, Glasgow. The challenge before the teams was simple; collect as many crystals by completing a variety of specially designed challenges to win time in our famous Crystal Dome! The amount of crystals a team wins throughout the day dictates how much time a team spends in the Crystal Dome collecting fun money - the team with the most money collected at the Finale in the dome, wins!

Our six anxious teams, faced off for our whole host of entertaining fun challenges including NASA Challenge, Nail the Wood, Hole in One, Crane Construction and Bridge Build

The NASA Space Challenge tested intellect under pressure and ability to prioritise different pieces of equipment needed on a survival mission on the moon. Each team is given a scenario where the team is stranded on the moon. The teams have to prioritise the list of usable items from most important to least, the more correct answers win. Both teams put in some wonderful thoughts and even smart guesses, but which Captain Kirk would take the victory? 

Some games require precision. Some games require teamwork. Our ever challenging game of Crane Construction required both in equal measure. Our players had to design and build the tallest crane construction from building materials provided to crank a  weight under control and lock off safely to be measured at its highest level - some teams went for engineering glory others for perfectly practical simplicity – just look at those photos!

The current world record or Team Challenge Company to be more accurate to solve a game of Interlocker is just over seven minutes. We passed out the infernal planks with the intention of smashing the record. We were unfortunately sadly disappointed - however one team stepped up and were 6 minutes ahead of the finish time with their crystals safely in the bank – others maybe not so fortunate!

More fun challenges followed with Nail the Wood and Hole in One with crystals being won and lost in a few seconds or a few misses of a nail!

But after all our fun, there had to be a winning team, and therefore a losing team. Team 1 had a challenging 10 seconds in the Dome but picked up 0 when the tickets were added and subtracted – alas the devil is in the detail!

All hope was gone for Team 3 Scoring 8 tokens whilst Team 4 scored an impressive 399 and Team 2 finished on 456 and the winners by a margin on 665 were Team 5 – what a tremendous victory

We at Team Challenge Company had a wonderful time with Carbon Financial Partners and hope to work with them again soon! A big shout out and thank you must go to Julienne for all her hard work in organising such a brilliant event. 

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Stephen Hazley

Great afternoon working with the team from Carbon Financial Partners at the super swish 200 St Vincent Street, Glasgow. All the teams played full out and it was such a pleasure to work with such a competitive bunch of people ... just look at those photos ! Many thanks to Julienne for all her great efforts in putting the day together, and showing us all how to win a trophy and for the team at 200 St Vincent Street for all their assistance on the day - we shall return .. when is the rematch ? Stephen



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