Crystal Challenge with Crowe Clarke Whitehill

Posted: Sep 27 2018

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Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of hosting Crowe Park in a wonderful Crystal Challenge. The two teams were ready and raring to go as the event began.

The premise of a Crystal Challenge is a simple one; achieve challenges to earn Crystals. More Crystals correspond to more time to grab cash from the Crystal Dome, most cash grabbed wins!

Our two teams threw themselves into each challenge with vigour! One that the teams found particularly difficult was the Towers of Hanoi game. A seven piece pyramid is built in one area. It is to be rebuilt in a different area while adhering to simple rules - only the top piece of any pyramid built can be moved at once and a piece cannot be set on a smaller piece. Both teams managed the challenge within the time limit, and gained two Crystals! And the use of the pyramid pieces as a sun lounger later in the day was noted...

Among other challenges was our Labyrinth game. A large maze is lifted off the ground by the participants and a tennis ball is guided to the finish zone. One catch, there are many holes for the tennis ball to fall into, meaning the teams have to begin again! Of our two teams, Team Two had some natural talent, but took a few attempts. Team one crushed the challenge on the first attempt!

But, as it always happens, there has to be a winner and a loser! Team one ended up with a total of eleven crystals, a commendable score. But team two absolutely crushed it and got a total of sixteen! 

So the two contestants enter the Crystal Dome. Five seconds between the two teams, hopefully this wouldn’t prove too much of a margin for Team one!

The cash was collected, the cash was counted. Those five seconds proved critical, as Team Two walked away with the Team Challenge Company trophy!

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A massive thank you to Natasha from Crowe Clarke Whitehill! What a fantastic event- our team look forward to working with you again soon!



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