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Posted: Apr 28 2015

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This year’s prestigious Innovation Awards Night held by The Forum was located in the Marriott Hotel at Gosforth Park. The hotel's amazing conference facilities were perfect for the variety of entertainment and business taking place over the two days.

After a very successful first day, Team Challenge Company came to host a team building event sponsored by Spencer and the team over at AOM International. It was an individual affair as every person willing to take part found themselves grasping a wad of fun-money which they could bet with to their hearts content.

The betting started off slowly with a lot of small bets placed with caution as our guests from The Forum found their feet in the competition. As the evening progressed and the optics behind the bar were sufficiently drained the stakes became much higher. Andy and Craig found themselves at minus £120 by race 5 whilst Barry was up a whopping £1000! 

The races continued and our guests continued to bet big. Chris found his feet by the bonus finale round as he went “all in” with his recent winnings to earn back a ridiculous £6,160 which meant he walked home proudly with the AOM Trophy held high above his head. We knew it was coming and we weren’t let down as Craig continued his losing streak and finished the evening £150 down and leaving with his tail between his legs and the Wooden Spoon in his hand. Fun was had by all our guests, all thanks to AOM International.

The next day was the big one! The Forum Innovation Awards 2015 ceremony beckoned and Team Challenge Company hosted the evening awards ceremony which was preceded by a quiz during dinner. The quiz was started with a Hit or Miss game which got all guests up on their feet. The Marriott Hotel kindly donated a weekend stay for two to the winner of this starter! The quiz contained three rounds including Guess Who, Guess the Landmark and Name The Tune.

Our tables scored a high number of points in each round with most tables getting over 75% of the answers correct. The first award and the coveted Team Challenge Company trophy went to Table 3, poor table 23 just missed out and had to settle for 2nd place while 3rd place went to table 19. The biggest cheer though went to table 20 for landing in last place; poor Paul will never live it down but had a valid excuse of been too busy networking.

The main part of the evening was the Innovation Awards 2015 and I must say the energy in the room was electric as the 5 nominees awaited to hear who would take home the main top award. Even Gerry was sweating in case he announced the wrong name but Paul was cool and handled the pressure well and with that came the words 'The winners are British Gas service and repair'. The roof lifted as the team from British Gas became the worthy winners. The party was started and on came the band to rock the night away. A big thank you to Penny for allowing us the opportunity to work with the forum this year; it is undoubtedly one of our favourite events of the year and one we always try to top each year.

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It was a pleasure to host and entertain the Professional Planning Forum extended family for another year. A massive well done to all of the nominees and winners on the night! Thank you to Penny and the team for the opportunity to host the evening again, I already look forward to another wonderful evening next year. Gerry



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