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Posted: Aug 08 2014

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The venue of choice for SHS Group’s, corporate entertainment ideas, Executive Quiz Night was the fantastic Titanic Building in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast. After starting the evening with a meal, our group moved up to the Andrews Suite and began the evening with by learning about the charity they were fundraising for, Macmillan Cancer Support. After this, it was time to crack on with the quiz! Each of our teams had been appropriately named with something to do with Titanic meaning we had some tongue twisters to say throughout the night!

To start the evening off easily we had a little ice breaker round known as Higher or Lower. The entire room began on their feet but it wasn’t long before there were only a few left standing. Our winner of this round took away a little starting bonus ensuring that their team would have a head start in the points. The Titanic theme remained current across the night with several of our quiz rounds incorporating it, including the Titanic Trivia round. Now, surely after spending the day touring the museum this should be a breeze for everyone? Well according to the scores it was trickier than we first thought… Another round where we had people on their feet was the popular Dingbats round, also known as ‘Say What You See’. Many of our teams tried their best to gain some points here but nobody tried harder than the Belfast Braniacs. Unfortunately their trying didn’t actually get them too many points as they seemed to guess everything wrong in this particular round… The TV Theme Tune round was an exciting one as some memorable tunes such as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Friends played out on the speakers and had everyone singing along, and also quite a few points were gained here to add into the team totals. Our final round of the night was Guess the Song. With only a short clip of each song being played this separated the music moguls out from rest.

At the end of the evening it was time to see who had worked hard to gain the top spot and who would be taking away the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy… However there was also the case of who would be taking home the dreaded Wooden spoon. Our last place team to be fair did have only four members and were the lovely Staircase Swats with a respectable 1000 points! Taking up the next few places were Rose’s Rescuers, Team Iceberg, Captain’s Challengers and the Unsinkable’s! Coming into the top section of the leader board we had Titanic Titans, 10 Decks and the Saucy Sailors as well as the Shipwreck Scallywags! It was at this point everything began to get exciting; we were finally into the top three. Narrowly missing out were the Belfast Braniacs who with 3100 came in at a respectable third place. Our 2nd place was the Lifeboats who were only 300 points out from the top spot. However our top scoring team with a huge score of 4100 were Jack the Lad Lasses! All in all a fantastic night for SHS Group who were amazing to work with, in a great venue. Thank you so much to Kellie-Ann for arranging a fantastic evening! We hope to see everyone again in the future.

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