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Posted: Dec 16 2016

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It was a mild winters day as Team Challenge Company made the journey over to Blairgowrie to host a surprise evening for the team at A Proctor. Little did they know they wouldn’t just be having a standard team meal but they would be experiencing the delights of Team Challenge Company hosting the best Evening Entertainment they’ve had all year, beginning with a quizzical Murder Mystery and finishing off with our challenging Big Quiz. 

As our guests began to arrive, the bar was slowly filling up and the atmosphere was building for what was set to be a thoroughly entertaining evening! Keira & Sharon had been sneaking around to organise this year’s Christmas Party and I think that the additional twist of the Photobooth and Festive Props went down a storm! Just take a look through those photos!! As the guests were mingling and beginning to enjoy their festive celebrations, little did they know, their dinnertime entertainment was warming up behind the curtains. Last call before dinner being served was announced so the guests wandered over to their elegantly decorated Christmas tables, took a seat and awaited their fate.

Keira kicked off the evening with a lovely speech thanking those within the company who have made a great impact on their year which was a great testament to the group! Then, the doors bursts open and through it charges a very distressed Santa! It was time for the Murder Mystery to begin! Throughout dinner, the group were questioned and quizzed, confused and befuddled as to who could possibly be the murderer?!  Unfortunately after a long time deliberating, accusing and assuming, it turned out that no-one got the right answer! The characters all left the room very smug with themselves as they managed to confuse the guests beyond what they expected!

To let their dinner settle down we let them rest for a while before firing up the Big Quiz. The teams were then named after the tables they were sat at and the games begun! Firing up the night, we started with an ice breaker just to get the room grooving, in the form of our infamous Hit or Miss round. Various Hits were played but the challenge was – did they make it to Number One or not?! Ewan and Derek managed to tackle through the masses to get to the finale, in a last attempt to win the two went head to head to be crowned Victor!

The rest of the evening continued with head to head battles of many variations, from best shoe to fittest team member, we had all the teams battling at each other! In a last minute bid to win extra points, the teams were going all out for those potentially victorious points! The finale ended with 5 teams losing out miserably but the crowned champions were the “Wraptiters” in 1st scoring a massive 420 points! Using their joker in the name the movie round was definitely their best decision of the night as they went steaming ahead! They were closely followed by their main competition for the night- the “Acoustic Levellers” at 400 points and then in 3rd we had the “Aeroglians” with 390 points.


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