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Posted: Mar 15 2018

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Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of hosting the lovely Finsbury Foods for their evening of entertainment at Hensol Castle in beautiful South Wales. The Wild West themed night seemed to be a highlight in the employee’s upcoming calendar; some had hired full cowboy garb in honour of the event!

Along with a ridiculous amount of cowboy hats, posters and western looking decorations for the rooms, Team Challenge Company provided a Bucking Bronco, Laser Shot shooting range, Wild West shootout game, the Batak Machine, both a photo booth and photo opportunity areas and (the crown jewel of the event) a full line dancing coaching session.

At the bucking bronco, a large crowd gathered quickly to watch bosses and co-workers try desperately to tame the wild bull, known affectionately as Fernando. Needless to say, no-one lasted particularly long! Each player jumped onto the bull, raised one hand in the air in full cowboy fashion and was quickly thrown onto the surrounding inflatable to cheers and applause from the on looking crowd. A small trophy was awarded for the longest lasting player, which was a very commendable thirty-nine seconds. An even smaller trophy was given to our shortest lasting player, who only managed two seconds before Fernando threw her to the side!

The Laser Shot shooting range was also a big hit. After many questions about what the ominous looking black gazebo was in the middle of the room, a few courageous players entered to play with the laser guns. The objective was to shoot as many pheasant as possible within the allotted time and with the fastest reactions. While many players attempted to get onto the leader board, one particular player took to the game easily and put up thirteen thousand points, easily clearing first place on the board. To our friend Craig, maybe a career change is in the works..?

The Wild West Shootout game and the Batak were both quick and fun games for some of the slightly less intense competitors. The shootout times the reaction time of players to draw a gun, pull back the hammer and fire the gun at the board. Some were fast; others would have definitely perished in the west. The Batak is a reaction game that breeds a level of self competition that some players have to keep coming back for more. The premise is simple – a two meter square board, ten light up buttons, hit the button when it lights up. Many of our quests had quite a few goes on the board before a few gathered and tried to play as a team! Not a part of the rules, but we like the creativity!

We also brought along (for those that are not so competitive) the photo stations. Both the photo booth and the photo opportunity area were steady all evening, with some photos that will be put up in offices to commemorate the evening.

Dim the lights, crank the speakers, it was time for the line dancing to begin! Our instructor donned her headset and they were off. All the way from the relatively simple Slosh, all the way to dances that even the most experienced boogier would have issues, the line dancing was a huge success, letting all our guests blow off a bit of steam after their busy day before then.

Finsbury Foods, we at Team Challenge Company would like to thank you for including us in your event - special thanks to Lesley for organising such a fantastic evening. We hope to help you out with any other nights you may have planned in the future!

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