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Posted: Oct 29 2016

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Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of teaming up with the amazing team from G&R Electrical for their evening’s entertainment “The Big Quiz”.

This wasn’t just a normal quiz as G&R Electrical invited their clients from WPD to have their annual battle for “The Rodger Sparks Cup” as well as the Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy. As the guests arrived they took to their seats to talk tactics as every team wanted to take home not one but both trophies!

“Name the Movie Quote” was one of the most popular quiz rounds of the evening. Teams Celtic Warriors and Alan Can thought this was going to be their round so both played their Jokers but did they play this on the right round? 

As the quotes began to play the Celtic Warriors looked nervous like they may have used their only joker on the wrong round! As the answers came back the Celtic Warriors only managed to get three right gaining them 60 points from this round and team Alan Can managed to get 120 points in this round! Would this be enough to take them to the top?

It was now time for one of our brand new rounds “Popmaster” and what a success it was! “Alans Dream Team” were confident about this round and thought this would be a big scoring round, but how wrong they could be?! They only scored 20 points in this round I think they had more fun dancing to the songs instead of answering the questions. The highest scorer of this round was “Smart like Katie’s Pants” gaining 100 points after playing their Joker in this round.

It was time for the all-important scores but who would be taking home the Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy and what company would be taking home “The Rodger Sparks” cup. The tension was high as every team wanted to be today's winner!

1st- “Smart Like Katie’s Pants” Points- 485
2nd- “Alan Can” Points- 455 
3rd- “Celtic Warriors” Points- 450 
4th- “Not So Smart Meeting” Points- 425 
5th- “Alans Dream Team” Points- 345
6th- “The Damned United “ Points 290

It was time for the all-important prize of the evening “The Rodger Sparks Cup” We brought up Paul Lambert from WPD and Tracy Evans from G&R Electrical. The tension was high as our thumping heartbeat created an intense atmosphere. Tensions were high for Tracey and Paul as they awaited to see who's company logo would appear on the screen. The moment came and the victorious team were WPD! The whole of WPD jumped up with excitement as this was the 2nd time they had won the cup! We hope you all enjoyed your evening as much as we did! Would like to say a massive well done to Paul Cooper for organising this amazing event! We look forward to working with you all again next year.

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Such an amazing event with the team from G&R and also WPD!! Can't wait too work with you all again next year for round four of the "The Rodger Sparks Cup"



What a fantastic and lively event! It was really great to work with you all and I hope everyone enjoyed the night... and managed to finish it with both shoes!



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