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Posted: Mar 02 2017

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The fantastic Edinburgh Zoo Jungle Cafe played host to a group of delegates from Heineken as Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of providing a fun filled, fast paced and exciting evening of entertainment in the form of our classic Race Night. The group split off into 12 teams and were ready to compete to be in with the chance of winning the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy.  

Kicking off the night, we had our Hit or Miss Ice Breaker which saw everyone out of their seats and on their feet. The aim of the challenge is to be the last person standing in order to win some extra money for your team. The teams were given short snippets of songs are were asked to identify them as either UK No. 1 Hits or not by placing their hands on their heads for Hit and their hands on their bums for a Miss! The first few rounds saw most people knocked out, with only a few (if even any) from each table managing to make it into the final rounds but in the end our winner came from table 5 who managed to guess correctly against a very worthy opponent! 

Once the Ice Breaker was complete and our winner had received the extra cash, it was time to begin the races. The teams were given a few helpful hints from the bookie and were shown the odds before the race began to ensure they put their money on the right horse! With it being the first race, many eased themselves in with the minimum £5 bets at the Bookie’s table and made their way back to their seat, ticket in hand, to wait for the race to begin. The first race saw Horse 6 first past the post and thankfully managed to win some money for our savvy betters with huge odds of 10/1!  

Giving the teams a break from their cheering and shouting, we moved onto our bonus quiz rounds where they had the opportunity to win some extra money using their knowledge of pop culture! Once the teams had managed to win some more betting money, it was time to go back to the races – and soon enough it was time to pick 8 ladies for the classic Ladies Race. The ladies, wearing their best hats, made their way to the front of the room with their jockey’s, ready to begin the race. But firstly we thought the crowd should get a good look at who they were betting on, with the Ladies and their Jockeys parading around the room – and parade they did! The lads from Team 5 covered all corners by placing bets on every horse – hopefully the pay off would be worth it! Once everyone had placed their bets, it was time to see who won and who would be getting a big pay out! 

Once all the races were over and the money had been cashed in and counted, it was time to present the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy... to Team 5 who managed to earn – and keep- the most money of the night – clearly their juggling of bets in the Ladies Race was worth it! Well done to everyone who took part and to Helen who took the time and effort to organise such a fantastic night. Our team had a great time working with you all and look forward to seeing everyone again in the future!


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