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Posted: Jun 23 2015

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This Tuesday, the idyllic Lodge on the Loch Restaurant played marvellous host to our latest evening of corporate entertainment. Set in spectacular rural Kincardineshire, it boasts, fishing, caravanning, golf and water sports among many other outdoor activities.

Tonight's order of form, however, was one of our popular Race Nights! A group of 20 from Nalco Champion split into four teams to do battle across a variety of interactive horse races and bonus rounds, all in pursuit of one thing... The coveted Team Challenge Company winner’s trophy! The team who won the most money at the end of the night would scoop our top prize!

Each team started with £50 and were looking to add to it immediately with the first race becoming imminent. Before the festivities began however, Team Hoof Hearted bagged a bonus £10 for the best team name! The race night roared into life as the first round was greeted with rapturous applause. Each team knew they had to get off to a flier if they had any chance of lifting the trophy come close of play. Peter had the chance to win a bonus £20 for his team but failed on the self-promoted Rubix cube challenge. He was unable to complete it in a minute, much to the dismay of his teammates goading him on. Things would soon pick up for Peter and his Pretty in pink team though as they backed the winner from the first race, taking odds of 3/1!

Trailing in their wake was Garry's Donkeys who bombed on their first outing to the bookies! The early races came and went with some big wins and even bigger losses. Smoky and the Bandit showed their metal with some smart spread betting to push them into an early lead! Could their good fortune last? The donkeys still couldn't pick their nose by race 3 as they began hemorrhaging money! They needed a bonus round and quick! The Guess Who quiz round pulled them out the mire as Jen propelled them to resounding victory, scoring 9/10 on the celebrities! £30 was theirs! Could they turn their winnings into something more substantial? Hoof Hearted kept plodding along almost breaking even as we reached the half way point. Ian was a big winner at the turn as his Paul O’Grady lookalike status earned him a bonus £20 from the Guess Who round. 

Balloon Tower was our next round where teams had to build the tallest, freestanding structure they possibly could! After some sabotage attempts by The Donkeys, the towers were measured. Smokey and the Bandit could only manage third ahead of The Donkey's woeful attempt in last. The big winners were pretty in pink with a massive 79 inch attempt, snatching victory from Hoof Hearted who fell agonisingly short at 78 inches! As we made our way through another flat and jump race, the teams knew that this was the final straight! A flurry of wins at the back end of the night could cap off victory as all were still in contention.

We finished with the ladies race as Graham showed off his jockey like prowess with Fiona as his trusty horse. Two of our teams went all in on the final race! Would it pay off? Fiona and the Bandits decided to back horse number 7! This round was double money if the horse they owned, crossed the line first! Pretty in Pink also backed 7. The donkeys went for 6 and Hoof Hearted went for 2. In an epic race, it was a photo finish. The winner was... horse 7!

This meant Smokey and the Bandits went from rags to riches in 5 furlongs! From nowhere to right out in front, crushing their nearest opponents, Pretty in Pink, by £80! The gamble was worth it! The trophy was destined for the Bandits! Pretty in Pink were tactical and cautious and ultimately this cost them the trophy! The joint wooden spoon winners were The Donkeys and Hoof Hearted! Both going all in at the death and who ended up losing it all! A tough lesson to learn for the early hearted front runners.

A fantastic night was capped off by some gangnam style jockeys parading around the room, truly a sight to behold! What a lovely evening with a fantastic group of people. See you all soon!

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Wonderful venue to host this fantastic race night at Lodge on the Loch - and aren't you guys and girls seriously competitive ! Loved the Gangnam Style Finale - I'm definately coming to your next party and bringing my dancing shoes ! Stephen



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