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Posted: May 31 2015

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Today Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of entertaining Specsavers at the beautiful Dalhouise Castle and as the teams entered game faces where on!

The first team building event of the day was to make the best team name to go with the team colours for 20 extra bonus points! We had the Blue Tits, Green Blood Club, The Gr"A"y team and the Red Hookers Are Us! It was a hard choice to pick the best team name but Red Hookers Are Us took the extra points for the Generation Game.

The first game of the Generation Game was Hit or Miss! As teams discussed tactics the game began! First out was the Blue Tits and it came down to the Red Hookers Are Us and the The Gr"A"y team, but there could only be one winner!

The last man standing was Bobby from The Gr"A"y team taking away a massive 100 points for his team! It was soon time to be creative and create a Super Hero in our fabulous Cake Decoration round! We had some great Super Heroes with strange powers such as Green Blood Club superhero who was an Irn Bru/ Buckfast drinking cave man while the Blue Tits superhero had powers to make women's breasts grow! As the first part of the day drew to a close the scores were in and checked but all of this could change by tonight after the second event of the day.

As the guests arrived for a drinks reception the bribes began because everyone wanted to win and would go to any length to get it! The Movie Theme tunes round had everyone puzzled apart from Jen from the Blue Tits shouting Jaws every time - unfortunately none of them were Jaws, sorry Jen! The Gr"A"y team smashed this round getting 9/10! As the dinner was served there was some interesting entertainment to say the least! Jen took centre stage grabbing the mike singing Twice by Celion Deon! The team requested extra points for this but they were lucky we didn't remove any, haha!

As the music round kicked off so did the party! All the teams went crazy dancing and singing to all the great hits in this round before we turned our attention to the final scores. The scores were in but who was the overall winner of the Generation Game and Executive Quiz!

In 1st place taking home the Team Challenge Company Winners’ Trophy was The Gr"A"y team with an impressive 720 points while Green Blood Club were the runners up with 650 points. In 3rd place the Blue Tits stood triumphant while Red Hookers Are Us took home the dreaded wooden spoon in last place.

We would like to thank Jill and Joan for organising this amazing day to celebrate their 20th anniversary. It is not easy to organise something like this and you smashed it so well done ladies. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did and we looked forward to working with you again soon.

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What an amazing event with some crazy people! Such a great day with a variety of activities! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I look forward to meeting you all again soon!



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