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Posted: Nov 08 2013

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The fabulous Maryculter House Hotel played host to a glitzy night of Evening Entertainment for Shell UK in the shape of our ever-exciting James Bond Fun Casino Night. The Evening Entertainment was to be kept secret from our guests, who dined in one half of the Ballroom Suite whilst the fabulous Fun Casino Tables lay in wait behind the curtains. As the wonderful meal came to an end, the curtains were drawn back to reveal the High Roller Fun Casino Room, complete with fantastic James Bond Theming and mood lighting to make the atmosphere that much more special.

Deluxe Blackjack Tables, Roulette Tables, and Texas Hold’em Poker Tables all complete with professional croupiers awaited the guests, and as they were each handed their £50 Fun Money to kick-off the evening, the tables quickly began to fill up with those hoping to win big and take home the much-coveted Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy. The Blackjack Tables were a frenzy of activity, with big bets being won and lost at every hand. Elaine kindly blamed Russell for her bad luck, and quickly moved to Roulette to try to win back some of her losses, whilst Ole racked up a quick £300 in winnings and cashed in after just 10 minutes – what a gambling legend!

The Texas Hold’em Poker Turbo Tournaments were a big hit, with guests playing it out to get to Heads Up and make it through to the Final Table! We had some big hands on show, with even a very special Royal Flush from one of our guests – which of course got massive cheers around the room. In the meantime, the Blackjack Players were having ‘High Risk’ Spins on the Roulette Table, as the entire table picked either Red or Black and hoped for it to roll in. It took a while before we eventually got a winner, but there was plenty of excitement when it finally rolled in.

Jock and Sharon where the big borrowers of the night (it was mostly Sharon, but Jock seemed to keep getting the blame!), but when it finally came to cashing in the chips at the end of the night, nobody could quite believe how much Big Muick had managed to lose! He picked up his Wooden Spoon for last place after owing the Fun Money Bank of Team Challenge Company a full £12000!!! We had lots of other winners, but only one man could walk away champion – the mighty Donny, who finished £14000 worth of Fun Money to the good – amazing! A big thank you and shout out must go to Liz for all her hard work in organising the evening, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance. It was an absolute pleasure as always to work with the guests from Shell, and we very much look forward to seeing you all again next time. A big thank you also to the team at Maryculter House Hotel for the fantastic hospitality and being the setting for a lovely evening.

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What a wonderful night of High Roller Fun Casino Night Entertainment this was with the lovely group from Shell UK, with plenty of Big Bets and Big Wins right throughout the evening. My personal highlight was having Sharon and Jock at the Blackjack Table - Sharon was an absolute professional and spending all of the money she 'borrowed' from Jock, what a laugh it was! A special thank you must go to Liz for all her hard work in organising the Fun Casino Night Entertainment, and to Elaine also who kept everybody in check on the evening! A very great pleasure working with you all, and we very much look forward to the next one! Jonathan



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