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Posted: Oct 24 2014

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After a full day conference at the wonderful Skene House, it was time for the team from Schlumberger to kick back and relax as we treated them to the true Team Challenge Company Experience in the form of a hilarious Generation Game Show Corporate Quiz. The Evening of Entertainment began with a few welcome drinks in the conference room in anticipation of what lay ahead. When it was time for the klaxon to sound and our guests to take their seats there was a tangible mixture of nerves and excitement in the air! Teams 4, Red and La Baguette stepped up to the challenge.

With a fast and furious introduction and the famous Hit or Miss round as a starter it was time for bums off seats as the real music champions showed us all how to do it leaving us in awe of their top chart knowledge. Our next challenge was the all important Memory Test which proved a little more difficult than anticipated except for some ! Then came the Giraffe challenge and the challenge to create a life like giraffe was spoiled some what by the cross bar supports legs, no ears, no tails etc, while some teams just wanted to throw paper and play knock the giraffe down!

As the rest of the evening wore on there were so many highlights, not least the inability of most of the gents to work a pair of marigolds and a potato peeler just look at the photographs! Elaine came up trumps - she ordered large fries with that to take one for her team ! When it came to clowning around hidden juggling talents came in handy to take the lead in a nip and tuck on the scores. The Cake Decorating Round was one to test the teams and the La Baguette and Team 4 teams struggled to keep it clean for this round but hey it was a serious competition ! As our food and beverage expert came to judge there could be only one winner - the Red Team with the incredible Nigel super hero!

Time for the scores on the doors as all three teams wanted to avoid the dreaded Wooden Spoon. In third place with a very respectable score was La Baguette while the Red Team edged into second with another great score In the lead and stepping up to take home the Team Challenge Company winner's trophy was the Team 4 taking the top spot - EPIC! As it was time to wrap up and head off we all put our hands together for Elaine for her fantastic work in putting the Generation Game together for everyone. We very much look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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