Happy Birthday Kirsty

Posted: May 21 2014

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Happy Birthday Kirsty!On this day 28 years ago a special girl was born, Kirsty Ann Campbell was welcomed into the world. It was a phenomenal day for Eileen and Stuart and she joined Dougie and Fraser into the Campbell Clan, later joined by Keir! As today commemorates the day of Birth of Kirsty of Campbell we celebrate today with a surprise... a secret Treasure Hunt filled with goodies! People say search for the golden ticket but instead today you are searching for the golden gift bags. There are 3 in total filled with Birthday Treats so follow our step by step guide to finding your presents and enjoy!

This was the card that welcomed Kirsty to her desk on Wednesday 21st May along with some step by step instructions so she could find her wonderful presents. This was as much fun for us to watch as it was for Kirsty to run around and find her gifts! There was a lot of excitement as we entered the cavernous warehouse to unleash Kirsty like a whirlwind flying up and down the aisles to find her presents and the good news is she found them all! She was a lot faster for these than our Easter Egg Hunt!!!

It was great to be able to celebrate Kirsty's Birthday all together with a fun treasure hunt and of course some chocolate cake!!! Happy Birthday Kirsty from the whole team! We hope you enjoy your Birthday Weekend and your presents. 

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Amazing day, thanks team it was so much fun and very much appreciated!! :) Kxx



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