High Adventure Corporate Activity Days with Standard Life Investment

Posted: Jun 06 2014

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Kenmore and it's beautiful surroundings was host to this years Standard Life Investments corporate activity days. Spread over the course of 2 days we pushed the teams to their limits with adrenaline pumping activities, consisting of White Water Rafting and Canyoning. Canyoning begun with a 1km trek up through dense woodland terrain just outside of Kenmore itself. Once we reached our destination that's when the nerves kicked in. The 25ft waterfall stood out from the thick green surroundings and the task became apparent. Abseiling down from top to bottom was kicked off on the Friday morning by the one and only Lizzie. With a small scream (and lots of historical laughing) she maneuvered herself over the edge with ease and down to the plunge pool below. The whole team followed one by one each time showing their own degree of style. Malgorzata was so laid back on her decent that she nearly lay horizontal on the rocks below before realising she had made it to safety.

The second part of Canyoning required a lot more control and skill as our teams, one by one, leaped into pools less than 3ft wide from a height of up to 12ft. The slipping, sliding and scaling of rocks and rivers made everyone feel like a kid again. Lunch was held at The Taymouth Marina which is situated on the incredibly scenic east banks of Loch Tay. During the lunch break all teams took part in our fantastic Ryder Cup Challenge. Each guest had the chance to put 3 balls along our Longest Put green for the chance to win the Team Challenge Trophy and a bottle of Prosecco!

The highly anticipated White Water Rafting began in Aberfeldy where the water flows calmly but with pace from west to east. For a mile or so the currents were tame enough to practice all the skills we would be needing for the rest of the trip - This was also an ample opportunity to play around and get wet! The later half of the trip becomes a lot steeper and creates some of the best grade 3 rapids in the area. With no major struggles each raft pushed it's way through the waves and down towards the last rapid situated at Grandtully, 6 miles from where we started. The last section of river is the most challenging in the river. The rafts had to skilfully manoeuvred their way down the first narrow shoot into the wavy middle section. From there it was a sharp turn left around "Magnetic Rock" and down under the bridge to the very last stretch. The "Fourth fall". The water falls over a meter high ledge creating a big backwards flowing wave which tried with it's best efforts to turn or flip each raft as they sped through the white water. Both days of outdoor activities were fantastic an I think it's safe to say everyone had a great time. A huge thanks to Denise for organising such a successful event that ran so smoothly. I'm sure this won't be the last adventure for Standard Life Investments.

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stephen hazley

Two weeks on... and I'm still soaking ! Hugely enjoyable High Adventure event based at Taymouth Marina on beautiful Loch Tay. Just look at those photos for how much fun we had ! Denise ... you're next ! Stephen



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