Highland Games Team Building Scotland Event with Lloyds Banking Group

Posted: Jun 05 2014

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Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, was the lovely host for our team building Scotland Highland Games event, where 10 teams from Lloyds Banking Group went head to head to see who was the most skilled when it came to the classic Scottish games. All of the teams had very unusual Scottish names as well so it was a very patriotic day for all. There were two teams to watch when it came to the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting and that was McCallmacal Monday and Mclanshoe who both walked away with 1000 points each and an early lead. Haggis Roll is a challenge for most despite it's fairly simple idea and today was no exception with the high score of 2 that was achieved by McBroonbread who also took away 1000 points.

Hey you Jimmy is both entertaining to watch and entertaining to do which was found out by our teams today and the best team of the day were McBonniewhite who pulled it off in a rather impressive time! Next up was Welly Throw which once again is a game which is harder than it sounds but apparently that wasn't the case for McScrummygrub who managed to score the most in their group and walk away with 1000 points. Our final game of the day was the old Scottish favorite the Caber Toss and we had several good teams but the best team of the day was McReekielamb who hit 12 o'clock more times than not and got their well deserved 1000 points.

After all the games were done all that was left was to add up the scores, all the teams had a good day, just some more than others. In last with 3400 was McBonniewhite who got to take home the Team Challenge Company wooden spoon and nothing but memories. In 7th with 3600 points was McReekielamb who just missed out on 6th by 100 points as Mchalfashandy took that position with the score of 3700. It was a joint 5th with a score of 3800 shared by McStaurstot and B-bagbean. As the scores kept getting higher McKensing broke the 4000 mark and went into 4th place. Another joint position with McCallmacalmonday and Mclanshoe in 3rd place with 4200. Just missing out on 1st with 4600 points was McBroonbread and of course that means with 4800 points and taking home the Team Challenge Company trophy was McScrummygrub, the Highland games champion. Thank you to Scott from Lloyds Banking Group and all of the team at Heriot Watt University who helped to make the day a success, we look forward to working with you all in the future.

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Well it's fair to say that these guys had a high level of energy. it was great to see everyone running around like mad on the Hey You Jimmy and then testing their tactics at Welly Toss! I thoroughly enjoyed my day and hope all the team from Lloyds did too!



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