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Posted: Aug 29 2014

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The challenge of the day  was  the Bridge Build challenge, where teams showed huge excitement and potential throughout the task, particularly when  trying to bend the rules ..!  When it came to the test, for some of the teams it really was Mission: Impossible, with 3 of the 5 Teams ending up in the crevasse...what a shame - plenty of thinkers but alas not many quality builders. Many came close to success but none raised the roof with cheers of celebration only shouts as their car toppled off that shaky bridge - crowd pleasers one and all ! Team Construction King and Team Belusi stepped up to the challenge and drove that baby across the gap with ease - only to set a head to head challenge for the Grand FinaleThe time for trophy presentations had soon arrived, The first task was to welcome up Team Golden Gate to collect the Wooden Spoon for their last place finish with a "Thanks for Turning Up" 600 points with Frank being delighted with a least leaving with the Wooden Spoon.  Team Ardoe Dragons fared little better on 700 with Declan being awarded the best negotiator in the room, pity your bridge let you down!, and in third place came Team Deutsche Wertarbeit on an excellent 800 points... but it was a runaway success at the top as Team Construction Kings, piping The Team Belusi on 900 points, who walked away as champions, scoring a very impressive 1000 points from the Bridge Build Finale.- what a result !

Well done Team Construction Kings - it had all come down to consistency and a great team performance, and there was none more consistent that you who lifted their Trophy aloft to the sounds of rapturous applause - what an effort- what a team!The Ice Breaking session with Shell had proved to be a complete success, with all in attendance thoroughly enjoying the Team Challenge throughout the morning. A big shout out  to Ken for organising such a fantastic day, your effort and enthusiasm really shone through during the event , and we certainly look forward to working with you and your team again in the near future.

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Kerry Jackson

What an enthusiastic bunch of people! A great night all round but my favourite part of the event was most definitely when Jack Bauer made his appearance!



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