Indoor Team Building Activities - Interactive Quiz with PwC

Posted: Apr 07 2014

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The beautiful Hilton hotel in City Center Belfast was the latest magnificent setting for an Indoor Team Bulding Activities - Interactive Quiz with PricewaterhouseCoopers. The group of around 50 enjoyed a variety of fun, challenging rounds throughout the night, with the Team Challenge Company winners trophy on offer for the highest scoring team. Hit or Miss proved to be more like a game of minesweeper as some misleading classics caused many to miss more often than hit. KPMG were out quickly, with Team Quiz Me Off storming into an early lead. The Guess Who round was up next and allowed teams to post some early impressive numbers with the management consultants staking their claim towards the trophy with an 800 point haul. General Knowledge round sorted out the men from the boys with team We Already Have Jobs posting a measly score of 200 which begged the question - how on earth do they already have jobs?? The late team were also propping up the table with only 400 points of knowledge being recorded.

Guess the landmark saw the moose/1 direction teams trophy hopes take a massive dent with th lowest score out of everyone, only 500 points. Quiz in my pants were proving stiff competition with an unbelievable 1500 points in a coming of age round for them! Team unicycle proved to be the movie buffs of the bunch and played their joker at the right time to win a massive 1600 points! Quiz me off upped their game in the sports round to make a late surge for the trophy. Guess the movie theme was guess work for most and proved to be the most difficult round of the evening with the late team only managing 200 points. In the final quiz round before the finale the teams gave it there all to make a late surge towards glory and rack up some mUch needed points towards landing the gong. Well everyone apart from the late team and kong of course! Who had already resigned themselves to a basement battle. We already have jobs aced this round with double points to boot.

Tension filled the room as teams knew bridge build was sink or swim, all or nothing, win or bust. Some spectacular looking contraptions made their way up to the arena. Followed by some spectacularly woeful drivers! Some reversing issues hampered the hopes of some - you know who you are! Management consultants bridge defied the odds and propelled them to overall glory with a massive 7300 points, scooping the trophy and acclaim from the room! Quiz in my pants were reeling from a poor final round and just missed out on top spot! The wooden spoon winners and in dead dead last were KPMG who never really got going! A fantastic evening of corporate entertainment once again in Belfast

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What a fantastic, fun evening for everyone involved! Some of the answers were truly astounding, and some on the money! Team ' We Already Have Jobs' may not have them any more after an underwhelming 4th place finish! haha



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